“Let’s put faith in cricket once again, let’s move on with enough sizzle and vigor. Let’s give cricket another chance,” Writes Faisal Caesar 


So, it’s the feast of the Champions!

In the world of cricket, a carnival is going to start.

Cricket fans and followers are all set to enjoy cricket’s one of the most mega-events – the ICC Champions Trophy. Since its advancement in 1998 in Dhaka till now, this event has always gifted us enthralling cricket. Besides the ICC World Cup, this has been the tournament to feature all the Test-playing nations and its schedule has been even tighter than the World Cup. The ICC Champions Trophy has also been for good cricket for a good cause: the profits have been used to fund the ICC’s Developmental Programs which is taking the game to many new parts of the world.

After two and a half months of scandalous Indian Premier League, this event is fresh air for the cricket lovers who love to enjoy quality cricket rather than cheap circus shows. They are eager to enjoy the stars – they worship, in national colours – fighting for national pride and in the process dishing out high profile competitions and nail-biters which the cricket followers die to watch for.

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There will be music, there will be extraordinary drama and there will be epics, but given the recent developments in the Indian and Bangladesh cricket regarding the spot-fixing one thing can be found missing and that is trust.

Trust is a very sensitive thing. It’s like a mirror. If it gets broken you can fix it but still, you see the cracks in that reflection. Broken trust and anger will always close a heart until honesty and love are restored once again.

Trust in cricket, every now and then has suffered miserably over the years due to an evil named ‘Match-fixing.’ No cricket lovers wish to witness their national heroes in a shambolic state. The tears of Hansie Cronje were never a happy sight while the tears of Mohammad Ashraful have touched the feelings of 16-crore Bangladeshi deeply and Sreesanth’s involvement in spot-fixing had been absolutely unacceptable for the Indian fans for whom cricket is like a religion.

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For some wrongdoers, cricket has suffered terribly. Cricket’s gentleman-hood has been dented and people have questioned its integrity. How low cricket went and has gone for some evil souls! But still, cricket has survived the test of times; still, cricket has been the heartbeat of its fans.

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This year’s Champions Trophy’s biggest challenge is to bring back the trust amongst the cricket fans. It is starting in a critical period when the world cricket’s weather is still heavy due to the spot-fixing saga. Many fans are still suffering from distrust and many are feeling cheated. And for which this last edition of ICC Champions Trophy must be controversy-free. This event must win the heart of each and every cricket fan. This event must restore trust in the hearts of every cricket fan.


Within a few hours, the carnival of cricket will start. Let us show our full support for the game we love so much. Cricket’s most important part is the fans and followers who have always given cricket life and colour. Without the fans cricket is lifeless. Let’s put faith in cricket once again, let’s move on with enough sizzle and vigor. Let’s give cricket another chance.

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