Rafael Nadal, Cristiano Ronaldo, Shane Warne.

You know what’s common between all of these sports greats? No, not that they’ve achieved great success in their respective sports – tennis, football and cricket – but that all three are keen poker players. Yes, poker – a card game based on both luck and skill.

But what most people don’t realise is that poker is not only about chance, but also one that involves a combination of skill, mathematics and decision-making.

The Stigma

You think of poker, you think cards and then gambling. But what many fail to understand or ignore is that the game has developed into a mind sport. Besides the two cards dealt to you, understanding your partners’ playing patterns, knowing the best approach to a hand or even noticing another’s change in facial expression could help a player win.

Growing Interest for Poker in India

From being played in empty classrooms and hostel hallways with small amounts of money to the traditional hands around the time of Diwali, India has been no stranger to poker. However, in recent years a majority of its growth can be attributed to the internet, visit DominoQQ for a real experience.

Not only can you play with millions with the click of a mouse, computers make the entire process much faster.

When you play live, you play about 15 hands an hour. But when you play online you may end up playing double the number of hands in an hour. A 25-year-old youngster who has been playing poker for 4 years has the poker age of a 45-year-old.
Deepak Dhayanithy, Associate Professor, IIM Kozhikode

“And because they’re putting so much volume into their game, the statistical effects can kick in. If you play well, you may not win every hand or every tournament. But if you play well, over a period of time when you take multiple decisions, you will have a positive expected value,” he added.


Another clear sign of the games’ interest in the country is the fact that the revered IIM Kozhikode offers its MBA students a poker-based elective course called Competitive Strategy: the Game of Poker. While the game has been held in close affection in the world’s top universities like Harvard Law and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), it was only introduced at IIMK in 2013-14.

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