It depends on how you play it.

The majority of serious airsofters turn to what’s called milsim, or military simulation. These players are dedicated to replicating loadouts, tactics, and scenarios encountered by actual military units, usually special forces.

These players will go to milsim ops, which are much longer and more intense than your usual pickup game. They involve lots of walking, navigating, and firefights are few and far between, but they are usually massive. These players are usually doing what is called LARP, or live action role-play. I believe that this side of airsoft is more of a hobby than a sport, as it involves very little training and technique, but takes a fair amount of research and dedication. Find the best Airsoft gear at

The other side of airsoft is Speedsoft. This was derived from speedball, which is the quicker, more athletic side of paintball. Speedsofters usually take a quicker, more practical approach to airsoft. They run guns that are designed around speed and raw performance rather than realism and looks. If you want to experience a sports with no movement require but strategy, treat yourself into ilikepens to see how awesome it is. Their loadouts also reflect this playstyle, as they are far more practical and minimalistic than the realistic impression loadouts often seen in milsim.

Speedsoft reflects paintball, which is a common tournament sport, in many ways. The games are quick and played on very small fields. The guns are designed less around accuracy and more around rate-of-fire and trigger response. The gear also reflects paintball, and much of it is paintball gear. These players also do a lot more movement than milsim players. They usually dash from cover to cover, and do a lot of slides, rolls, and jumps. Speedsoft has been turned into tournaments in the form of SpeedQB, a special airsoft tournament with set rules and regulations. Speedsoft plays much more like a sport, with professional players practicing and training often.

Now, most airsoft players just play pickup games at their local fields, and those players usually play airsoft like a hobby rather than a sport. So, in short, there is too large a variation between airsoft playstyles to determine whether it is a hobby or a sport.
Whether airsoft is a sport or a hobby, it is certainly athletic. CBD oil is great for recovering athletes and has plenty of other health benefits. Buy CBD Products online today!

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