Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s decision to step down as Team India limited overs skipper might come as a big surprise for his fans and the cricketing fraternity, but according to his close associate Arun Pandey, it was a well though out decision.

“You don’t take decision like this overnight. It was well thought out. Dhoni thought this was the right time to step aside and continuing playing as wicketkeeper batsman,” Pandey told the Press Trust Of India (PIT).

Talking more about Dhoni’s decision to step down, Pandey said: “His thinking was that he has build the crux of the team now (for future and next World Cup) and it is the right time to give up captaincy. He is not someone who would cling on to something. For him, the team’s interests is first and foremost”.

Dhoni is beyond all this. A chunk of current cricketers playing for India blossomed under Dhoni. Now he thinks it is the right time to step aside for the larger interest of the team. Not many would do that but Dhoni has done that. It has always been India first for him,” added Pandey to sum up his take on Dhoni’s decision.

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