Bridgetown, Barbados: Former West Indies fast bowler Sir Andy Roberts says there has been no improvement in West Indies cricket in 2016.

“In the early part of 2016 when we won the International Cricket Council (ICC) Youth World Cup in Bangladesh, followed by the men and women Twenty20 World Cup in India, everyone was elated, we thought that our cricket had gotten better but in my view there has been no improvement in at all, and the standard of our Test team is dropping”, Sir Andy said during an interview on a radio station in Barbados.

Sir Andy was not impressed with the West Indies victory our Pakistan in the third Test of the three match series played in Sharjah late last year.

” There is a big difference in winning a Test after the series is already decided. We have seen this from the West Indies before, it is not the first time it has happened. There was no pressure on Pakistan because they had already won the series. What I would like to see is our players buckling down from the very first match but I do not think we have that calibre of player anyway’, he explained.

Sir Andy said one of the main problems facing West Indies is that the players are not willing to work hard and are waiting  for others to do things for them.

” The players keep on blaming the administration or the local boards for everything that goes wrong,  they are the professional cricketers, they have to shouldered some of the responsibly and they are not doing it. They are waiting on others to do it for them”, he lamented.

Sir Andy said he sees no light at the end of tunnel unit the attitude of some West Indies cricketers changed.

“At the end of the day it is the players who have to go out there and perform, not the President, not the CEO, not the director of cricket or the coach. Because of the current state of West Indies’ cricket no coach is going to get the results he is looking for. I think the West Indies Cricket Board will be paying money to coaches after hiring and firing them for a long time”, Sir Andy said.

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