Royston Drenthe, one of the hottest prospects in the game and a former Real Madrid star has hung up his boots after a career of unfulfilled potential

A rising star at the 2007 European Youth Championships has now decided to retire from football at the age of 29. Royston Drenthe is the perfect example of a youngster getting picked up by big clubs – in Drenthe’s case, Real Madrid – who then fail deliver on their promise and eventually become a rootless globetrotter.

When the Feyenoord youth graduate left Spain in 2012 after two years at Real Madrid and one year playing on loan for Hércules, the winger made it a habit of moving clubs. First up, it was Everton who picked up the skillful left midfielder on loan from Madrid in the summer of 2011.

Drenthe was a fan favorite at Goodison Park, but it all soon turned sour as Drenthe was holding talks with eternal rivals Liverpool over a possible move to the other side of Stanley Park. Ultimately, a swap to Anfield didn’t materialize and a longer stay at Everton was off the table.


Russian money then came calling, with Alania Vladikavkaz willing to take a gamble on the Dutchman by buying Drenthe from Real Madrid. Three-and-a-half-months later, Drenthe had made an underwhelming total of six appearances and to make matters even worse, Alania were relegated from the Russian Premjer-Liga

Drenthe had now reached the age of 27 and what should’ve been a successful career was turning out to be a nightmare. His antics off the field attracted more interest than his performances on it. He was often dialed in to Dutch football talk show Voetbal International with hilarious conversations as a result. Drenthe is by no means a tedious guy but perhaps didn’t have the discipline to make the career many expected of him.


Drenthe was still trying to make something of his career, though, and after a failed adventure in Russia, he returned to England. Reading was his next club and although he appeared for a total of 23 times in the 2013/2014 season, he was loaned out the following season to Sheffield Wednesday. Another spell followed wherein Drenthe didn’t impress. Royston and the Yorkshire club parted ways after just six months.

From then on, all Drenthe seemed to be interested in was money. Turkish side Kayseri Erciyesspor and United Arab Emirates club Baniyas were his last clubs before the Dutchman announced his retirement from the game last week. Drenthe himself said “the fact that I am a footballer, presented me too many opportunities. That’s why I have done things that others might not have done.”

The once in-demand Dutch starlet didn’t enjoy the career he might have dreamed off. It is what happens to many and underlines the difficulty of resisting all the attractions being a footballer provides. Drenthe couldn’t and has now opted for a different career path. Drenthe has decided to become a rapper under the name Roya2faces and we wish him good luck.

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