A few days back, Shashank Manohar stunned the cricketing world by stepping down from the post of the chairman of International Cricket Council (ICC). Though Manohar has withdrawn his resignation on Friday. The very next day, the former BCCI president made it clear that he is not staying with the ICC for long.

In a brief telephonic conversation, Mr. Manohar told that he has withdrawn his resignation on temporary basis, and that too for the sake of the game of cricket. Here are the excerpts of that brief chat:

CricketSoccer: Why have you changed your mind all of a sudden?

Shashank Manohar: There were some serious reasons. And all of those reasons are completely centred for the betterment of cricket. The ICC Board directors persuaded that I should carry on till the next annual meeting, at least, as a Reformation process is going on. I agreed with the logic they gave to me.

CS: If so, why did you suddenly decide to step down?

Manohar: There were some personal issues. I took the decision purely on the ground of personal matter. And I am not taking back my call. I am just giving a sort of notice period. Chairing the ICC is indeed a job of huge responsibility and I respect that.

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CS: We have heard that some of the ICC officials had even come to India only to urge you to withdraw your resignation? And that some members of the Committee of Administrators (COA) in the BCCI also had meetings with you?

Manohar: Look, we are all dedicated to work for the betterment of the game. We have certain plans which need to be addressed as soon as possible.

CS: Do you still want to make the proposed constitutional changes in ICC?

Manohar: We have some visions. I firmly believe that the constitutional changes will help cricket to spread and gain popularity worldwide. We have started a proceeding which need to be completed. That much I can say now.

CS: Is there any chance that you remain in the post after the annual general meeting of the ICC?


Manohar: Again I would say that I have some personal issues which led me to resign. Taking back my decision is a temporary movement. I don’t want my resignation hurts the reformation process.

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