The notoriously trigger-happy La Liga club, Valencia, has already appointed next season’s coach to be in the firing line as Betis banish theirs

Desperate times usually require desperate measures to stabilize a continuously sick club into a healthy organization once again. Valencia CF, after so many ill-advised decisions, has been ill itself for a number of seasons, counting on ‘Miracleman’ Voro González as their particular doctor in order to save their skins in La Liga and avoid the fires of relegation, a goal that was achieved a couple of months ago.

Now it’s time to take the next step and start rebuilding Peter Lim’s portentous project, which started with rousing success in 2014 and which came crashing down the year later, with the (arguably unfair) sacking of Nuno Espírito Santo, Gary Neville’s pitiful run as head coach, Pako Ayestarán’s failure to earn wins in the first games of the 2016-2017 season and Cesare Prandelli’s arrival and early voluntary departure after he was made promises that the Board later didn’t manage to fulfill.

While Voro and the players have been busy earning the required points to stay in La Liga (something that they did with relative ease), things have been changing in Valencia’s upper levels. Peter Lim’s main representative in the city, President Lay Hoon Chan, is no more: she will leave next month and step down from the position, being replaced by the Singaporean diplomat Anil Murthy. However, the biggest change took place one level below, with the appointment of Mateu Alemany as the new general manager of the club.

Alemany has plenty of experience after taking Real Mallorca to unseen heights one decade ago, in the club’s most glorious era ever. He has deep ties with La Liga’s boss, Javier Tebas, and great connections within the football world. All in all, the right move by Peter Lim in order to turn things around. And his first job, after landing and getting to know Valencia CF and it’s environment, was to find a new manager to steer the boat in the right direction.

Ongoing negotiations in the last few months have had many candidates, with Las Palmas’ Quique Setién being the favourite for a couple of weeks and the coach himself believing that Valencia was his next destination. However, Mateu Alemany had a bigger saying in the choice than the sports director, Jose Ramón Alesanco. And, at the end of the day, the chosen one was former Racing de Santander, Sevilla FC and Villarreal boss, Marcelino García Toral.

Marcelino, who once rejected Valencia’s offer in 2008 and who was legally denied of the possibility of training the club last October after Pako Ayestarán was fired, is expected to bring order and discipline to the table. He is driven, obsessed with detail, very physically-aware of the players condition and wants to build a strong foundation in the squad from scratch. 

That is why Marcelino has asked the Board to help him with a deep clean-up of the locker room. A lot of big players could get transferred this summer. After two disappointing and drama-filled seasons, fans won’t miss them very much.

Real Betis sacks Victor Sánchez del Amo and eyes… Setién?

Maybe it seems unexpected, but turmoil has been bubbling under the surface in the city of Seville after a season with many ups and downs. In Real Betis, the fans have a lot to say. And a couple of weeks ago, the stands gave a judgement: “Victor vete ya” – “Victor, go” – as a result of an embarrassing 1-4 vs Alavés at home. 

Said and done: although the manager had another year of contract remaining, the board sacked Victor Sánchez del Amo last Wednesday. Former Betis player Alexis Trujillo will sit on the bench for the last two games, and potential replacements to take over next season include Quique Setién himself, who could ultimately end in Sevilla after having had Valencia planned as his next job.

Tony Adams gets trolled during an undeniable shipwreck in Granada

The Arsenal legend’s experience in Spain won’t be remembered as a successful one, at least during his stint in La Liga’s top division with Granada CF. Five games as a manager, five tough losses. Only one goal was scored and thirteen were allowed. 



Moreover, Adams antics have become some sort of running joke within Spanish football. Last week, against Real Madrid, Adams had to endure some buffoon-like attitude by Isco Alarcon, who jokingly compared him to a waiter while laughing with his team mates on Real’s bench while Granada was spanked on the pitch (0-4). An unfitting way of tarnishing a legend’s reputation.

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