There’s always a downside to life and that might well be the case for Juventus as a Champions League win against Real Madrid could see the band breaking up

“Winning is not important, it’s the only thing that matters”.

This motto will have been drilled in the minds of the Juventus players as they go into the Champions League final. This line, famously pronounced by Juve legend Giampiero Boniperti, is the club’s main belief, and the Bianconeri will give their everything to be faithful to it in Cardiff.

The Champions League final between Juventus and Real Madrid represents a milestone in the growth of Juve. After six consecutive domestic titles and the second final in three seasons, it is time to lift the big trophy. There has been a constant development, improvement, embellishment. Juve are better than they were six years ago, and are continuing to improve. But what would it really mean to win the Champions League, or to lose it?

Winning would be the end of the positive path, the icing on the cake, the perfect ending. It would mean winning the treble too, so something impossible to improve. Many players would feel this could be the right moment to end their time at the Bianconeri, looking for something different, and the same would go for coach Massimiliano Allegri.

Winning everything would mean next season at Juve one could at best only equali the previous year. It could be the right time for Allegri to try out the Premier League, for Mario Mandzukic to move to the next adventure, even for Leonardo Bonucci to travel to England. All hypothetical, but once you reach the absolute top, it makes sense to move on.

The club would have risen to the highest heights, the aim of a long term plan developed through the years. The vast amounts of money flowing in would have to be reinvested in the best possible way, to maintain this level for years to come. It has happened too many times in the past to too many clubs that big victories lead to bad management and consequently difficult times. Juve have the mentality not to make the same mistakes.

But what if the Bianconeri once again slip up in the final? It has happened six times out of eight, including the past four finals. This would mean losing another time to continue the bad tradition and turn the Champions League into a real mental block. Something Juve will have to avoid if they are to fight for the big prize in the upcoming years again.

Allegri and the players would be more inclined to stay, having missed out on victory again, albeit with less joy. But trying to win it again would be the main motivation for next season. Gianluigi Buffon doesn’t seem like he will retire until the Champions League trophy is in his hand.

Juve would move to bring in other big names from the transfer window, players who know how to win it. If you lose two finals in three years, you’re great, but something is still missing. That winning mentality is there, it would just need some added spice. Players who would lift the current team even further.

Winning is everything, as we mentioned above, and Juve are the living symbol of this. So even though Allegri keeps on saying that the important part is being in the final, rather than actually winning it, lifting the trophy would mean so much to Juventus – more so than to Real Madrid. And winning or losing will define the immediate future of the club.

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