The Confederations Cup is underway featuring the best teams from each region of the world, but who is the outright best country on the planet?


The best international team at the moment for me is France. Just reading out the names of their youngsters from Ousmane Dembele to Kyllian Mbappe, they could be the dominant side in the world for quite a while. Euro 2016 testifies their strength, with a golden generation at the moment. They maybe lacked something up front last year, and something at centre-back, but the new youngsters coming through are ready to fill the gaps and complete the team.

Verdict – France 


FIFA’s ranking system state that Brazil are top dogs once again and Tite’s resurgent Samba Boys will certainly head to Russia as one of the favourites. In a notoriously difficult World Cup qualifying, Brazil have made light work of reaching the tournament and deserve all the plaudits they have received in recent months.

European qualification is far more straight forward and so during the process it is sometimes difficult to gauge the level of the top sides. Just how much is learned from a stroll past Malta or Liechtenstein? However, one need only look at the strength of Germany’s alternative squad at the Confederations Cup, Spain’s under-21 side, who would give most senior sides a tough night, or the depth of France’s squad to see that Brazil’s number one tag is a little misleading.

Verdict – Not Brazil


For a couple of years now Germany has been the standout nation in world football. The strength in depth is frightening to say the least. Manager Joachim Low is not afraid to experiment as well, giving numerous players their debut at an international tournament in this summer’s Condeferations Cup. It gives him a chance to pick out some upcoming youngsters who can complement the established internationals in 2018, when it really matters.

Verdict – Germany


Although Portugal seems a good choice coming off an impressive Eurocup in 2016, I actually believe they were pretty lucky in France last summer. With Spain in a rebuilding process, Argentina looking for a way to make Messi not seem useless and Brazil’s ups-and-downs, the German national side’s reliability and Panzer-like resilience is much welcome.

Verdict – Germany


Germany are the World Cup winners and remain the best national team in the world, until further notice. They play modern football, by dominating possession, forcing the opponent to sit deep and rely on counter-attacks. Their passing game is advanced, and the cohesion between their players leads to some spectacular link-up plays. Their midfielders are some of the best in the world, especially Toni Kroos who can control the tempo of any game.


Verdict – Germany

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