Gerard Pique, fans, PSG, his Dad. Neymar is getting a lot of career guidance about his next move. But only that of our CricketSoccer really matters


Every summer has its big transfer saga and despite the fact that there’s still over a month remaining in this window, there’s no doubt that situation of Neymar is this season’s big story. At 25, Neymar has reached a point in his career where he should write his own story. He needs to be the main man and therefore staying at Barcelona, with Leo Messi, is the wrong option. Whether it’s PSG,  Manchester United or Juventus, Neymar should leave.

Verdict: Go


As one of the best footballers on the planet and one of the greatest commercial assets any team in the world would want Neymar but there are very few who could realistically provide a home for such a player. Barcelona is certainly one of them and while the Brazilian may play a supporting role to Lionel Messi, it’s difficult to argue that he would be better suited elsewhere.

Could he earn more money? Yes, probably but as already one of the wealthiest stars in the game, he is doing ok. Could he win more? Perhaps, Barcelona didn’t win either the league or the Champions League last season but also play in perhaps the most competitive league in Europe and it’s not like PSG are coming off a triumphant season.

All may not be right at the Camp Nou at present but Barca should never be written off and the advantages of playing in the same side as Messi surely outweigh the lure of the spotlight.

Verdict: Stay


Neymar should do everything to leave Leo Messi’s shadow and guide his own team in the Champions League. At some stage, all greats like Pelé, Zico, Maradona, Ronaldinho and Messi himself, guided their own team as the main figures, and Neymar knows that he’s got what it takes to build this kind of legacy.

The Brazilian will never be considered the best player in the world, if he isn’t considered so at his own club to begin with. No matter what he does, Messi will always be preferred ahead of him until the day he retires. Whereas if Neymar makes the miracle and lifts PSG from a 1/4 final side, to a Champions League winning side, he guarantees the Player of the Year award.

He should challenge himself, like Diego challenged himself when he left Barcelona to mid-table Napoli. Needless to say that if Neymar was injured, let alone playing for them, PSG would have knocked Barcelona out without any problem.

Verdict: Go


Obviously Neymar will choose whatever he believes is best for him, but that doesn’t actually mean his life is going to improve career-wise. In PSG he will find the money and possibly the Brazilian friends he desires, indeed, but nowadays the French side isn’t in the same league as FC Barcelona: just remember last year’s historical upset in the Champions League. Neymar must decide if he wants to run away from Messi’s humungous shadow (which can also bring many joys for him, remember) or try harder to create his own while staying at Barça.

Verdict: Let Neymar decide!


The potential move of Neymar to Paris Saint Germain could become the most expensive ever and be an incredible media show as well as drastically improve the Parisians. But for the Brazilian star, it could be a step back.

Neymar is at one of the biggest clubs in the world, the best of the past decade, and is there to inherit the role Lionel Messi will leave in the upcoming years. He is an integral part of Barcelona and is loved by the fans. For him to move would mean restarting and having to demonstrate everything all over again. An interesting challenge, but too soon in his career. It would make more sense for him to win again with Barcelona and then later on change club.

Verdict: Stay


Neymar should leave Barcelona. 2018 is the year of the World Cup. In Barcelona, he will have a longer club season, probably playing the semifinals or final of the UCL, just before the World Cup in June. The pressure of La Liga is greater than the French League. Moreover, in PSG, he will have at least four Brazilians – Marquinhos, Thiago Silva, Dani Alves and Lucas Moura – to form a deadly combination for the national team. Financially, too, PSG seems a far better deal for Neymar Jr.


Verdict: Go

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