What the gods of football have taken away from one top-class Uruguayan striker, they have given to another with Neymar’s PSG switch

The record-breaking transfer that saw Brazilian super star Neymar leave Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain this summer will have an effect on the transfer market and will only increase the already ridiculous prices players go for. The move will also influence both Barca and PSG and in particular both of their Uruguayan No9’s, Luis Suárez and Edinson Cavani.

For Suárez, Neymar’s departure will feel like a loss not only on the pitch but also off it. Both South Americans developed a friendship since becoming teammates in the summer of 2014 and that chemistry was clear when the pair entered the playing field.

This unbelievable partnership carried Barcelona when Lionel Messi was injured at the start of the 2015/16 season. Barcelona fans feared the worst as since the emergence of the Argentine forward, there had always been a ‘Messi-dependence’, but Suárez and Neymar made sure that there was no need to worry as they guided Barca through Messi’s absence with the 4-0 away win against Real Madrid as the cherry on the cake.

In that period, Neymar was regarded as the best player in world football and showed that he was capable of stepping out of the Messi’s shadow. His inconsistency over the following eighteen months has let a lot of people down, though. Certainly the first half of the 2016/17 season has not gone down well with many Barcelona fans. And especially the way Neymar tends to act when things don’t go his way. It leads to tension between him, his teammates and the coaching staff.

Therefore, the move to PSG has come at the right time. There’s no doubt that Barcelona is losing one of the top-five players in world football and that Suárez loses a great teammate. However, with Messi still on his side, it won’t have a catastrophic effect.

Where one Uruguayan hitman has been left behind, another one will welcome Neymar with open arms. Edinson Cavani, who scored 49 goals for PSG last season, has openly praised Neymar and is delighted that the 25-year-old has joined the French giants. Last Sunday, Neymar and Cavani already showed their understanding as they combined for two goals in a 3-0 away win vs. Guingamp.

For Cavani, the arrival of Neymar has both a positive and a negative side. The quality of Neymar will help PSG in the Champions League and could give them the edge in that competition. Cavani and his teammates can make history and win PSG’s first-ever Champions League. Winning the Champions League is a lifelong dream for Edinson and it will put him among an elite group of Uruguayans.

The negative side is that with Neymar in the team, Cavani’s goal tally will most probably decrease compared to last season. A perfect example is that of Karim Benzema. The Frenchman has never hit crazy numbers for Real Madrid because of injury but when he was fit, Cristiano Ronaldo still managed to limit Benzema’s goal tally. Neymar might do so as well.

For both Suárez and Cavani, Neymar’s transfer has consequences. The winner of the two Uruguayans will be Edinson Cavani, though, as Neymar will lift PSG to another level.

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