Virat Kohli added yet another instance to his infamous club of run-outs. The club, that is Rohit Sharma the second-most important character after Kohli himself, welcomed Ajinkya Rahane during the second ODI against Australia in Kolkata on Thursday. Despite being among the fastest runners between the wickets, one of the most alert cricketers on the field, the Indian skipper has shown poor communication skills with his batting partners in the last few years. Be it his or his partner’s mistake; be it him getting run out or the other batsman, Kohli just cannot hide the dissatisfaction on his face. Kohli’s face expressions are of a child; they give away his thoughts and yesterday, it was clear from his face that he might have realised that it was his fault that cost Rahane’s dismissal.

The opening batsman looked in a flawless touch at the Eden Gardens. Rahane, who was dropped from Sri Lanka tour after he top-scored in the preceding West Indies series, did not want to lose his spot from the side again, considering India have quite a few options for the top-order now. Rahane looked to be in an excellent touch; his every shot selection received appreciation from the commentators and experts on the social media. Rahane looked in no hurry; he took his time and was as careful as he could be, especially against the short ball, that troubles most of the Indian batsmen. Just when one thought this guy could be stopped only if Australia were able to script a run out, that turned into reality in the 24th over.

Rahane, beautifully drove the ball to the deep-cover, and ran for a single. As he tried to resist the second run, the Indian skipper had already begun his run for it. Rahane, having no other option, also ran for it. However, he wasted a split second in making the decision, or rather being forced to make the decision and that ended an innings, that seemed well deserved of a three-digit number.

This was not the first time Kohli had made the wrong call and ran his partner out. Prior to the Rahane incident, the most recent case of Kohli getting the other batsman run out was during the first ODI against New Zealand in Dharamsala in 2016. For a change, it was not Rohit on the other side but then Indian Captain MS Dhoni turned out to get associated with Kohli’s runout saga. India were in a comfortable position, as they needed 31 runs off 22 overs and the fact that they had their two most dependable batsmen at the crease – Kohli and Dhoni – there was not much tension around.

Dhoni went down the track, missed a flick and watched the ball go towards the covers. It was an easy single for these two runners. Since it looked that easy, Dhoni just looked at Kohli and began his run. What followed next left a lot of people in fumes; Kohli asked Dhoni to go back. not moving an inch from his line but he was too late with his response as the captain had already covered half the distance and there was no way he could make it back to his crease. Dhoni stood in the middle stranded and watched the New Zealander take the bails off. Although Kohli remained unbeaten and won the match for India, his yet another poor call cost India a crucial wicket. Had it been during a vital position, Kohli would have digetsed harsh remarks for that.

Kohli’s recent mix-up that saw Rahane run out, was approximately the seventh time Kohli was involved in a run out since the legendary run out in 2013 that resulted into Rohit Sharma’s first-ever double ODI century. Co-incidentally, four out of the seven run outs have taken place against the Australians.


The Indian Captain Kohli has been run-out 11 times in his ODI career, which is his joint third highest mode of dismissal in ODI cricket. For a player like Kohli, who has been shattering records match after match and he is certainly been included the list of the legends that have played the limited-overs cricket and has the tendency to convert singles into twos and so on, one fails to understand why does he end up with goof ups like these.

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