Brad Hogg, one of the sought after Chinaman bowlers in limited overs cricket, is full of admiration for Kuldeep Yadav, the new sensation of the cricketing fraternity in India. The 46-year-old Hogg, who has played 123 ODIs for Australia apart from 7 Tests and 15 T20 Internationals, in an interview with the CricketSoceer, told why he is so much optimistic about Kuldeep’s success and how a captain’s support can bring out the best out of a Chinaman Spinner.

Here are the excerpts:

CricketSoccer: You yourself being a chinaman spinner, how would you describe young Kuldeep Yadav’s performance till now?

Brad Hogg: Kuldeep is doing brilliantly. He has already proven why he is considered as a rare talent in international cricket. I am quite impressed with his mentality. After his test debut against Australia, he is not playing all the matches for team India. But he continues to work hard and utilize whenever he gets to play. That shows his determination only.

CS: You were his teammate at Kolkata Knight Riders. Did you ever play the role of a mentor to him?

Hogg: Yes of course. I spent two years with Kuldeep at KKR and I have seen that he is a very good listener. The one thing that he has significantly improved on is fitness. He listened to what the physio at KKR told him and it is showing now. I don’t know whether I should say this, but I think he will get to see a lot of him. And myself being a chinaman bowler, I was very curious when I first came to hear his name. Obviously, we share a lot of things in the nets. Kuldeep was always eager to learn. I still remember that I told him a few things regarding reading the batsman’s mind and adjust the line and length likewise. I am pretty happy that he is following those tips.

CS: You were present at Eden Gardens when he completed the hat-trick. How special was that feat?

Hogg: For a young spinner, when you get a hat-trick early in your career, your confidence shoots up to a different level. This is a milestone which each and every cricketer savours for the rest of his life. And this achievement will forever be etched in the history books of cricket. It’s a huge achievement.

CS: What is the most impressive part of Kuldeep’s bowling?

Hogg: His wrong ‘un is very effective. They have that x-factor required at the highest level of cricket. Moreover, Kuldeep is a bit slower through the air which makes him more deceptive. Batsmen find it very difficult to read him. That’s why they sometimes have no clue of his wrong ‘un.

CS: You just told about Kuldeep’s mentality. Can you explain it further?

Hogg: Look, taking wickets should be a habit for bowlers. Because if you are not taking wickets for the team, then you are not leaving any mark. Wrist spinners have certain advantages which is not conditioned dependent. They can pick wickets in any condition. Kuldeep always wears a very positive frame of mind. He knows his strength and limitations very well. He is an attacking bowler and never compromises with his natural ability to pick wickets, even if he goes for runs. That reflects his intent. This boy is bound to achieve much success.

CS: How would you describe captain Virat Kohli’s contribution in Kuldeep’s success?


Hogg: Of course Virat is very supportive to young Kuldeep. Chinaman spinners need special attention. They can go for runs. But if a captain does not have patience, the Chinaman bowler can lose confidence. You have to keep in mind that Chinaman spinners are wicket takers and you have to give them liberty while bowling. Kuldeep is lucky. He is enjoying full support from Virat. Kuldeep is a different bowler for sure. There aren’t too many Chinaman bowlers in world cricket at the moment. Kuldeep has great variety and strength of any spinner is his variations. He is definitely going to be a big thing in world cricket.

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