Possibly one of the most dramatic images of Spain’s game versus Brazil (1-2) came when right-back Mateu Morey had to be substituted, feeling dizzy after half-an-hour playing in extreme heat and humidity. Spain’s head coach, Santi Denia, explained his predicament hours after the game.

“He didn’t come off with an injury, but due to dehydration and that the day before he had been ill with the flu. He put the team first, so when he noticed he couldn’t continue he asked to be subbed”, explained Denia once Sunday’s training session had finished.

Spain’s next fixture is against Níger, a side that managed to win in their opening game versus North Korea (1-0).


“Sure, losing the opening match against Brazil makes things much harder, but we’re confident in our chances of winning against Níger and keep our qualifying chances intact”, said the Spanish manager.

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