“Bangladesh as a country is not bound to bog down towards a group of notorious minds. The Tigers and its fans are not bound to fall in the trap of their emotional blackmails”


According to Prothom Alo, one of Bangladesh’s most popular but controversial newspaper, the head coach of Bangladesh cricket team, Chandika Hathurusingha and Tigers denied giving any statements to Bangladeshi journalists who travelled South Africa for covering the series. Chandika and his men practised in the indoors which was guarded by an iron gate and no Bangladeshi journalists were allowed to enter there. Surely, some of the so-called celebrated sports journalists of Bangladesh were not at all happy with this, but deep down, they failed to realise the reason behind this.

Since Chandika was appointed as the head coach of Bangladesh, a group of Bangladesh journalists have made his life tough by spreading their personal vendetta against him. Chandika galvanised this team who were at doldrums in 2014. Time and again, Chandika proved his worth as a coach, but still, unnecessarily, some of the local journalists continued to portray him as someone ‘autocratic’ and ‘rude’ whereas, players like Shakib Al Hasan, Mahmudullah Riyad and Tamim Iqbal expressed their satisfaction with the coach.

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To run a team one needs to be strict towards discipline and ethics to bring the best out of the players, and if Chandika’s such so-called autocratic nature delivers Bangladesh the best of results and triggers a festive mood among fans, I endorse his so-called ‘autocratic’ nature.


Chandika is someone who loves to plan his own way and create a competitive and less polluted environment to prepare Tigers to counter the toughest of challenges. He loves to do things privately and only prefers to consult with the boss of Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), Nazmul Hassan and persons related to team management. Whether it is a vital factor to discuss the plans with local sports journalists or not remains a moot question. Moreover, some of the sports journalists of Bangladesh have a bad history of twisting quotes and create anger and confusion among the readers. In that sense, Chandika has not been wrong to avoid such sports journalists of Bangladesh.

One of the habits of sports journalists of Bangladesh is, they suffer from a superiority complex and think as one of the messiahs of Bangladesh Cricket. And for which, they take each and every cricket coach and officials for granted. It seems, they all are bound to talk to them and give them utmost importance. And any of the officials or coaches, deny to fulfil their requirements, these journalists take personal revenge by publishing twisted news.

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The perfect example is Nazmul Hassan’s statement about Mushfiqur Rahim where he did not say anything to hurt the Test captain, but the news published a few weeks ago easily outraged the fans. Then the negative propaganda about some of current cricketers had been the result of cheap Facebook posts of these sports journalists. If a Soumya Sarkar or Liton Das avoid talking to them, they target them and undermine their talent and image in public forums.

I ask, except few, what is the contribution of these sports journalists in Bangladesh cricket? Other than defaming or spreading lies about someone or unleashing conspiracy theories, what have they done for Bangladesh cricket?

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Neither Chandika nor Nazmul Hassan is bound to talk to a group of insensible journalists but they always welcome the sensible brains. Bangladesh has been blessed with prolific sports journalists, but since they achieved Test status, how could a group of less-skilled, poor-knowledge-about-cricket and insensible group of people became sports journalists under the nose of some qualified and renowned sports journalists of Bangladesh cannot be understood.


It’s really surprising the way these sports journalists claim their authority in each and every matter of Bangladesh cricket. There is a school of thought, these so-called celebrated sports journalists have personal relationships with some of the national team’s cricketers and thus, they exploit this advantage in a very bad way.

Mashrafe Mortaza is one of the icons of Bangladesh Cricket, but the way he interacts with some of the sports journalists of Bangladesh, it is only hampering the healthy environment of our cricket.

The so-called bromance between Masharfe and some sports journalists of Bangladesh paved the way to the creation of a bad syndicate, which is notorious to the limit.

Time and again, various stories just crop up due to the lack of privacy as these notorious minds have easy access everywhere by using the “Mashrafe Card”. Unnecessary hype is created in social media by such people, which is only polluting the atmosphere of Bangladesh cricket and sowing the seeds of confusion and arrogance in the minds of Bangladesh fans.

Is Mashrafe using these notorious minds for his own benefits?

Does he wish to be the ultimate hero by making each and everyone a villain and gain something bigger in upcoming days?

I think Mash should stop this!

 Masharfe Bin Mortaza in interaction with journalists. Image Courtesy: BCB
Masharfe Bin Mortaza in interaction with journalists. Image Courtesy: BCB

Not only Mashrafe, but the time has also come for BCB to take sterner steps against the access of notorious minds. BCB needs to have a code of conduct and limit the access of these notorious minds in each and every matter of Bangladesh cricket. There has to be a limitation between the interaction of players and sports journalists of Bangladesh in future for the betterment of Bangladesh Cricket.


Journalism is a noble and challenging profession. As a reader, I expect sense, sensibility and quality news and articles from them.  But what some of the sports journalists of Bangladesh do for the sake of personal reasons, is very disgraceful. Competent coaches like Heath Streak, Thilan Samaraweera and co just could not prolong their stay with Tigers only due to the continuous provocation of some of local sports journalists.

Bangladesh as a country is not bound to bog down towards a group of notorious minds. The Tigers and its fans are not bound to fall in the trap of their emotional blackmails.


BCB needs to act quickly.

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