Like a blockbuster franchise, Neymar is looking to break records again with a switch from PSG to the giants of Real Madrid – and it would be his best move

Neymar has always been the talking-point of the world of football throughout his career, ever since his first-team debut for Santos back in 2009, to the Brazilian’s move to Barcelona move in 2013, followed by a dramatic transfer to Paris Saint Germain, a year ago.

Real Madrid is the latest club to declare an interest in Neymar Junior, and the Spanish capital-based press has been launching several “exclusives” confirming the intention of the Seleção star to form an alliance with Cristiano Ronaldo and light up the Santiago Bernabéu crowd.

Firstly, ‘AS’ revealed that Neymar met with Real Madrid officials during his recovery period in Rio de Janeiro, whereas ‘MARCA’ insisted that the player has already delivered a message to the PSG directors, making it clear that he wants out, with the back-to-back champions of Europe being his intended destination.

While it’s true that the French league is not exactly the best in the world, nor the most competitive, making another move now would offer the impression that Neymar left the club with some unfinished business. Football-wise, the main pro-argument as to why he joined, was that he would have the opportunity to guide his own Champions League side with a chance for glory as the main man.

But it seems as if Neymar has failed to impose himself in PSG’s locker room and has had feuds with Uruguayan attacker Edinson Cavani every now and then, over who is leader. The lack of chemistry between Kylian Mbappé, Cavani and the Brazilian seemed obvious in the Champions League round of 16, which led to an extremely disappointing 3-1 defeat against Real Madrid.

Neymar would go on to miss the second leg as well as the rest the season due to injury. All in all, this setback highlighted the danger of having a whole season dependent on one or two games. Neymar could play brilliantly well in 99% of matches but fail in the most important one against a top European side, and neutrals would go on to downplay his whole campaign, which is arguably the biggest disadvantage in his transfer.


Neymar has two viable options, either stay at PSG for one more season and cement himself as the undisputed technical leader and go for one last shot at Europe’s most precious competition, or try to convince PSG’s mega-rich owners to let him go, less than 12 months after joining, to Real Madrid where he would certainly enjoy stardom and have the chance to ply his trade at the most successful club in football history.

It’s true that Cristiano Ronaldo is still the big cheese in world football, alongside Argentinian genius Lionel Messi. Having said that, the Portuguese ace is 33-years-old and does not tend to retain the ball for long periods of time, which would leave the stage set for Neymar to operate in his favorite position as the play-maker.


Leaving PSG now would honestly be ungrateful towards the fans and directors who did their best to welcome Neymar, but a player has to follow his own interests above other all considerations, as has been the case with many top stars in the past. There is no doubt that joining Real Madrid would be a step forward for the Brazilian.

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