Brazil doesn’t just feature in World Cup good memories, in fact the country is remembered for all the wrong reasons too in a top 5 of the most shocking results in the history 


1950 Final: Uruguay 2-1 Brazil

The “Maracanazo” as it is known, remains one of the saddest moments in Brazilian football. On home soil, in the Maracana Stadium, the whole country was ready to celebrate what would and should (in their minds) have been the first World Cup triumph for the Brazilians.

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Instead, Juan Albaerto Schiaffino and Alcides Ghiggia decided it was Uruguay’s turn to enter the history books and cause what is probably the biggest World Cup upset in a final.

1966 Group 4 match: North Korea 1-0 Italy

Pak Doo-ik is a legendary name in Italy. His goal sent the Azzurri out of the England World Cup in 1966, with the Italy team having tomatoes thrown at them (so they say…) upon returning to the homeland. North Korea was meant to lose all three games in that group, yet they grabbed a victory against one of the traditionally biggest sides.

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It led to Italy revolutionizing the squad and rebuilding it, going on to win the 1968 European Championships, and making it to the 1970 World Cup final.

1990 Group B Match: Cameroon 1-0 Argentina

As defending champions and with Diego Maradona in the squad, Argentina were expected to do well at Italia 90, and so they did, reaching the final eventually.

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But their opening game is one to remember, especially if you’re from Cameroon. Francois Omam-Biyick’s goal was enough to give the Africans the victory, despite Cameroon ending the game down to nine men. It was what Argentina needed to then switch on and make it to the final, losing to Germany in Rome.

2002 Group A Match: France 0-1 Senegal

Just like Argentina in 1990, France came to the South Korea-Japan World Cup as defending champions and with a great team.

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But it wasn’t enough to be guaranteed an opening win. In one of the biggest upsets of recent editions, Senegal put in a great performance, deservedly getting the 1-0 winning goal thanks to Papa Boupa Diop, and consequently making it all the way to the quarter-finals, whilst France were eliminated in the group stages.

2014 Semifinal: Germany 7-1 Brazil

From the “Maracanazo”, all the way to the “Mineirazo”. Whenever Brazil play at home, it ends badly. They remain the national team with the most titles – five – but have a problem with playing in front of their own fans.

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And the Germans were ruthless in exploiting this in the most recent editions, marching over the ruins of a Neymar-less Brazil with an incredible 1-7 victory, with five goals scored in the first 30 minutes. Brazil were demolished so easily, in what was the biggest loss for the country since 1920, and a game that will go down in history as the future World champions of Germany destroying the hosts.

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