With India kicking off the English tour with their T20I engagement at the Old Trafford, Manchester, here are some images of the venue and its surroundings portrayed by the artistic brush of Maha.

One of the oldest cricket grounds of England, Old Trafford is laced with an abundance of history. Here is the view of the venue from the press-box. Each workstation is equipped with a small digital screen which relays the match at the lag of a few seconds so that the journalists can follow the game on the ground and double check what took place.

The street next to the stadium that leads to the tramlines is named after the former Lancashire and England great Brian Statham. The red rose of the county is also conspicuous and resplendent.

Lancashire is more industrial than quaint. However, the Town Hall opposite the ground is a pleasing exception to the otherwise utilitarian buildings.

The street signs beside Old Trafford tell us that, among other landmarks, the home of Manchester United is not too far away. In fact, it is just a short walk along Warwick Road.

And if we do undertake that walk to reach the Old Trafford Football Stadium, we are greeted by the Manchester United Holy Trinity, Bobby Charlton, George Best and Denis Law, who still stand proudly in front of the arena.


Text: Arunabha
Artwork: Maha

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