With India proceeding on the English tour with their second T20I engagement at Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, here are some images of the venue and its surroundings portrayed by the artistic strokes of Maha.

The approach to the ground at Cardiff is one of the most pleasant walks across Sophia Gardens. Along the greens and over the bridge, the spectators can enjoy the saunter before the excitement that awaits them in the arena. On the days when India play, stalls selling the colours of the country are set up way before the match.

The Indian cricketers arrive in the coach, and the excitement reaches fever pitch. The otherwise good-natured Welsh policemen have to transform into strict guardians of the law to ensure that Virat Kohli and his men can proceed to the ground without running over some of their supporters.

It is more of a festival for the Indian community. The sights and sounds form an extravagance of celebration.


Text: Arunabha
Artwork: Maha

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