Signing and keeping Cristiano Ronaldo happy is not an easy job, but Juventus is giving it a go – here’s a breakdown of what CR7 is costing the Old Lady

Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus is a done deal. Read that first sentence again if you don’t believe it. It’s happening, it’s all true. Ronaldo leaves Real Madrid after nine seasons, 451 goals in 438 games, four Ballon d’Ors and four Champions League wins. And he picks Juventus. Raising a series of questions we will answer below.

How are Juve paying for it?

Ronaldo will cost Juventus a total of about 360 million euros over four years. That’s the confirmed 117 million paid to Real Madrid and Jorge Mendes – including the 12 million fee going to the agent – plus the 60 million a season the Bianconeri will pay Cristiano before tax.

A huge sum. Juve have done their maths though, and can afford it. Especially if all their predictions on potential income with such a global superstar like Cristiano come true. Ronaldo has a combined 313 million social media followers, a huge amount of sponsors and global interest. CR7 is a cash machine. And Juve want to make the most of this in order not only to win trophies, but also get some brand value and plain cash from it. Reports estimate the potential income from having CR7 alone to be about 200 million euros over four seasons, which would pay back half of the initial cost. Not bad.

What does it mean for the club?

Ronaldo to Juventus certifies the status of Juve as an elite club at the European level. The rest of Serie A is far behind. It means Juve are officially a top global club. They were very close to the super elite, and have joined the top table with such a signing, a demonstration of power. They must win the Champions League, though, or else it will have to be seen as a failure. The Old Lady is certainly capable of it in the next two to three years looking at what Ronaldo could bring in terms of other players and a winning mentality. But if over the next five seasons Juve don’t lift the trophy, then the move will go down as a failure.

What does it mean for Serie A?

In general, this signing could perhaps mean a renaissance for the whole league. Don’t get me wrong: it puts Juve in an even better position to win the title, and they’ve done so for seven seasons already. So we’ll be likely having an even more boring title race.

But the truth is we’ve had this regardless, with Alessandro Matri or Gonzalo Higuain leading the Bianconeri attack. Ronaldo won’t change that. But it brings global interest to a “forgotten” league and will perhaps attract other great players to other teams, to rival Ronaldo. And for the jealousy of fans of rival Serie A clubs, fear not: imagine the satisfaction if Juventus don’t win the Champions League with Ronaldo…

Who will be sold?


Juventus don’t need to sell (look above for explanation), but they likely will do. Gonzalo Higuain is the number one candidate to leave the club, for several reasons. There’s plenty of attacking options, he costs a lot and can get Juve a fair amount of cash, he has requests and is relatively old.

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