Reunited with his footballing muse, Marco Silva, at Everton a debut day double shows that Richarlison is ready to take the Premier League by storm 

Everton broke the bank when they signed Richarlison from Watford, for around $60 million, in what was initially considered a big gamble. Is the 21-year old over-priced or did the English club make a long-term signing that will eventually pay dividends?

Richarlison had his best time in the English Premier League under former Watford boss Marco Silva, scoring all his five league goals under his tutelage. But since the Portuguese manager’s dismissal by the Hornets halfway through the season, the Brazilian was no longer able to find the back of the net. So it was only logical that Richarlison would be interested in working again under a manager with whom he clicked so well. The player is not responsible for how much clubs pay to acquire his services, what he cares for is his professional career, and to join a team where he will be able to express his talent in the best way possible.

In this sense, Richarlison may well have made the right move, as highlighted in his Everton’s official debut as he scored his team’s two goals away to Wolves, in brilliant fashion. The first strike showed his fighting spirit to get himself into goalscoring positions and win his duel thanks to his high determination, before placing the ball into the back of the net, whereas the second displayed his brilliant finishing, as he hit the ball with such fitness, the Romário way, to curve it into the goal.

Richarlison offers lots of qualities, mainly a lot of pace and blistering runs, good dribbling skills in one on one situations, solid finishing abilities, and most importantly a strong fighting spirit. He is a real warrior on the pitch, battling for every ball, tracking back, launching himself into challenges. His desire to succeed and be the man can take him far. He is never shy of going solo or taking a shot. However, his decision-making needs to be worked on, which is quite normal for a raw talent his age.


The Everton-man has played as a striker before, back in the day in Brazil, but Seleção Under-20 coach Rogério Micale decided to use him as a left-sided attacker in the South American championships, as he preferred a bigger and more physical nine, in Felipe Vizeu. However, it does seem like Richarlison’s best moments usually come inside the box, or right now running into it. The Brazilian has the potential to transform into a Mohamed Salah prototype footballer, who brilliantly attacks space thanks to his intelligent quick runs, and is deadly inside the penalty box.


With the start of a new era, Brazil boss Tite has to do Richarlison justice and gradually introduce him into the Seleção, foreseeing the importance of building a team for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, in Qatar.

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