A lively start to his Everton career – three goals and a red card – has caught the interest of Tite who wants to tap into Richarlison’s aggression for Brazil 

Richarlison has become one of the brightest talents in the English Premier League after making the move from Fluminense in 2017 to the most competitive league in European football. Despite lots of ups and downs, most pundits agree that the Brazil international has the potential to make it far. But Richarlison’s temper is definitely an issue that the forward needs to address.

Richarlison made a name for himself in England following a bright start at Watford, but following the dismissal of manager Marco Silva halfway through the last campaign, it seemed that the Brazilian had lost his magic. Thus, a summer transfer to Everton for a huge $51 million fee where he would be reunited with the Portuguese coach made sense for all parties. And so far so good, for the 21-year-old who has already found the net on three occasions in as many games, this season.


However, Richarlison’s honeymoon start came to an abrupt end after an irresponsible violent act away against Bournemouth saw him being sent off for a head-butt. This incident was very avoidable to say the least, but the lack of maturity of the youngster meant that he would fall into the trap and leave his team struggling in a very difficult game.

Having said that, everybody acknowledges the talent of Richarlison and his overall successful start to the campaign. It was therefore no surprise to see the striker take advantage of former Fluminense youth team partner Pedro’s injury, to break into the Seleção as his direct replacement.

Richarlison is not exactly a classical nine who sticks to the box and fights with centre-backs throughout the whole 90 minutes, but he has previously operated as central forward during his time in Brazil, before Brazil U-20 manager Rogério Micale decided to use him as a left winger in the South American championship, after he had opted for Flamengo’s Felipe Vizeu as his main striker, for being bigger and more dominant inside the box.


Meanwhile, Richarlison is closer to the style of Mohamed Salah or even Cristiano Ronaldo lately, in the sense that he starts on the wing but often cuts into the penalty area where he is deadly and can cause damage. What makes Richarlison special is his high work-rate and willingness to fight for every ball. He is aggressive on the pitch and takes risks, he is never shy of going for goal whenever the opportunity comes. This mentality will help take him far in football, but he needs to find the right balance to avoid losing his temper, like Neymar often does.


Richarlison has been selected for in his first Seleção call-up as a striker so will be directly competing with Roberto Firmino for the vacant spot for the next two friendlies against the United States and El Salvador, in the upcoming days. Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus has been overlooked in favor of the Everton-man, who has not operated as nominal striker since his move to England. But opportunities are made to be grabbed and Richarlison will look to take his.

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