The whole act was pretty diabolic.….

Bangladesh’s captain Mashrafe Bin Mortaza was not in a charming mood while talking to the reporters. Normally, Mash is always a very friendly person while he interacts with the press. Among the local reporters, he is hugely popular for his cordial nature. But that Mashrafe was disappointed and he sounded pretty angry while exchanging views with the reporters on Wednesday.

The reason behind such an annoying-mood was the changing of Super 4 schedule of the Asia Cup in the middle of the tournament. Until and unless any major problems occur, a bit of moderation of the schedule does not become necessary at all. But here, the ACC, influenced by BCCI did such only to favour one team and that is India.

India got favour over Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. According to the new Asia Cup Super 4 schedule, India will play all their matches in Dubai regardless of the other teams’ positions in their respective groups.

As reports said, “ACC already gave the A1 status to India before the result of today’s match. In addition, ACC also gave B1 and B2 status to Afghanistan and Bangladesh before their group match against each other.

Pakistan will fly to Abu Dhabi on Thursday to play Afghanistan the next day, return to Dubai on Saturday to play India the next day, and travel back to Abu Dhabi to play Bangladesh on Wednesday”.

Mash lashed out at the officials for this. He said, “It is very disappointing! Basically what has happened is that we were made the second team in Group B even before we played the last game. We came here with a plan. We would play Sri Lanka first and if we won and played well, we would be the group champions and play the runners-up of Group A. But this morning we heard that we are already Group B runners-up regardless of whether we win or lose tomorrow. So, of course, it is disappointing”.

“It is an international match where we are representing our nation, so of course it’s important. But whether you are talking about group stage matches or Super Four matches, there are certain rules within which they operate. We are getting away from the rules, so it’s disappointing”.

The Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed also expressed his disappointment regarding this matter.

He said to the reporters, “Yes, surely [a disadvantage]. Even if India lose all their games, they will be here. Travelling is the sort of issue, if during matches you’ve to travel for 1 and a half hours, then it’s difficult for you. In this weather, if you travel, and after a day if you’ve played a game….I believe things should be even for all teams, whether that’s India, Pakistan or anyone else”.

“If matches are played in Abu Dhabi, then all teams must play a game or two there. Now I don’t know what conduct ACC have made regarding this,” Sarfraz added.

According to Indian Express: “It is learnt that the BCCI, which is hosting the tournament, decided against the shuttling of venues keeping the commercial conditions in mind”.

“The Dubai International Stadium has a capacity of 25,000 which is 5000 more than capacity of the Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi. For India versus Pakistan or India versus Bangladesh games, it is expected to be packed to capacity. BCCI is only getting the gate sales and how can we compromise on 5000 seats,” a senior BCCI official present in Dubai told PTI on conditions of anonymity.

The financial factor became the most important matter rather than the comfort factor of other teams except India.

It is not a secret that BCCI rules the roost in world cricket and they have achieved such a cult status by virtue of their intelligence and financial power. BCCI is an Indian organization and as far I know, the Indians are extremely respectable towards democracy and believe in equal rights.

But with due respect to BCCI and their respected officials, they seem to be an organization, which is extremely biased, cash-minded and arrogant. The democratic funda does not work in BCCI.

The majority of the cricketing nations have accepted their might and show their loyalty, but at the same time, BCCI needs to show the same kind of professional attitude towards others. It looks pretty shameful, when such a prestigious and powerful organization fail to exhibit their professional attitude, but ends up being an institution which lacks the minimum amount of sense and sensibility.


Such an act has earned a lot of shame for BCCI, but as usual, BCCI doesn’t seem to bother about this as to realise such, one needs to have a self-respect, which I think, BCCI lacks.

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