Napoli midfielder, Allan, is currently at the centre of a two-nation battle with Brazil and Italy – it is a battle that Tite cannot afford to lose 

Napoli midfield-star Allan has been one of the consistent players at his position in the Italian league for the past three years.

However, Brazil’s national team has never given him a single opportunity on a senior level. Instead, the Napoli man was given a smattering of appearances at a youth level. With the Italian federation making their interest clear in securing his services, Brazil boss Tite will be heavily criticized if he misses out on him just like he did on Jorginho, a year ago. It is time to fix these mistakes.

In order to be eligible to represent Italy and acquire a Italian passport, Allan needs to have played football in Italy for at least five years. He has already fulfilled the second condition, so what is left now is gaining citizenship.

Allan is vital for a better Brazil 

Tite might, for whatever reason, think that Allan is not a necessity for Brazil’s national team. He would be wrong. The reality is that other players who have been selected, such as Fred or Renato Augusto, are in no way superior to him, nor even having a better season. Allan would have been vital in the World Cup quarter-final clash against Belgium, where the lack of physicality in midfield cost Brazil the tie. The Napoli-man would have added balance, reducing the danger of counter-attacks, while certainly retaining a higher level of technical quality than Paulinho, for example.

As a matter of fact, Allan has the quality to operate in any position in midfield, even in a defensive position. The Serie A man is a good mixture of technique and hard-work, after developing under the guidance of current Chelsea boss, Maurizio Sarri. This has certainly helped take his passing to the next level. Allan is seen today as one of the most complete midfielders in Serie A, as well as arguably the best in his position over the past 15 months.


Napoli man can bring out best in Brazil 

Napoli have been playing some of the best football in Europe. His presence in the team means that he will never be the reason as to why Brazil can’t offer good football. I’ll go further than that and say that if you want to play like a real team, you should base your lineup on players who have a history of delivering that.

It is never too late in football and Brazil are already aiming to claim to the Copa América title on home soil next summer. It would be a big blow to watch Italy snatch Allan, a player who would certainly have his place in the Brazilian team, in an ideal world. For all these reasons, Tite cannot dither this time around. If Brazil does not take advantage of the Vasco product, then Italy certainly would, as they are ready to immediately offer him more game-time.


Last year, the excuse was that he was a winning-manager, achieving the right results, and heading into the World Cup with the same squad that had done the job for him. But right now the pressure is on a different level. After the failure in Russia, another failure in the South American tournament would be fatal for Tite, who would then be under serious risk of clashing with the Brazilian fans and losing his job.

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