Zlatan Ibrahimovic is hinting that he could head back to Serie A after a spell in MLS to save a Milan side in desperate need of his goals and personality

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is back. Almost.

As hinted by the great man himself, Zlatan is on the verge of a return to Serie A, back to AC Milan, to hopefully move the Rossoneri into a higher gear. The striker’s move to MLS from Manchester United was thought to be the curtain falling on his career. But Zlatan is Zlatan. He wants more, and is ready to get it in Red and Black.

The Swede’s MLS stint had many moments of magic, and it has to be said that many experts on the European side of the pond were wondering whether or not Ibrahimovic had crossed the Atlantic too soon. However, Zlatan netted an incredible 22 goals in 27 matches for LA Galaxy, including some absolute stunners. The feeling is he can still do it in Europe too.

Milan have stagnated ever since the Swede giant left. His move to Paris Saint-Germain in 2012 was the beginning of the end for the Rossoneri. Milan needed cash, and sold him and Thiago Silva to the Parisians. Just 12 months before that, Massimiliano Allegri’s Rossoneri were celebrating the Serie A title. Then Juventus won it in 2011/12, and from then on have dominated Serie A. Ibra left, Milan became nothing.

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Zlatan will always lack the victory of the Champions League – although the Europa League win with Manchester United has reinvigorated his European status. But when it comes to domestic leagues, he is second to none. He won 11 domestic titles, all over Europe, and absolutely dominated in Serie A, scoring 122 in 219 games, with Juventus, Inter and then Milan.

This just gives an idea of what Ibrahimovic has meant for the Italian league in the past decade. A dominant beast, some sort of deity. Give the ball to Zlatan, and he’ll take care of business. Beautiful goals, physical power, the impotence and embarrassment of defenders in trying to stop him. The question raised is: can he still do it? From what we saw in America, yes.

Zlatan has everything that Milan are missing

Milan have Gonzalo Higuain leading the line, with youngster Patrick Cutrone behind him. A solid duo up front. But Ibrahimovic would give the attack a whole new dimension. Not only he would be an added option, but could be the difference maker in helping coach Gennaro Gattuso transmit the fundamental winning mentality to a group of young players. There’s talent at Milan, but something simply isn’t there yet.

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Ibrahimovic never wants to lose. Not even in training. This kind of personality is what Milan need to raise the bar even higher. Higuain has tried doing it, but has melted yet again on the big occasion, being sent off against Juventus, his former club. The quality of the Argentine remains great, but adding Ibra would only have benefits.

Milan need to get out of mediocrity, raise above stagnation. The club needs a bolt of electricity to show everyone that the intention is to dream big, and make the dream come true. For something like that, the impact Ibrahimovic would have both on and off the pitch is undoubtably great. His time in MLS has shown that he still has enough to make a difference in Europe, and a struggling Milan side could be turned into a competitive group by someone like Ibrahimovic.


Zlatan could be the Rossoneri’s saviour once again.

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