With Juventus after another title with an Italian Super Cup clash against Milan, Cristiano Ronaldo is gearing up to lead the Old Lady to Champions League glory

Cristiano Ronaldo joining Juventus in the summer was one of the biggest transfers of recent years – if not all time – with the best player in the world leaving Real Madrid and joining a club on the rise, but perhaps a step below Europe’s elite.

Why did he accept the Bianconeri’s offer? Well, to show he can do it everywhere, and take them to Champions League glory.

When he left Real Madrid everyone asked themselves who would be the losing side out of the deal: would Cristiano miss Los Blancos more than they miss them? Half-a-year later, it is easy to say that the Portuguese striker doesn’t need Real Madrid to perform at the top level, whereas his former team mates have been missing him a lot, struggling for form in La Liga.

When Ronaldo joined Juve there might have been a few doubts on his adaptation to a new league and country, but so far Ronaldo has shown just why Juve have spent so much money on him.

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Firstly, he has shown yet again that he is a monster physically. His attention to detail and love of his physique, mixed with his relentless work ethic have proven central to his career. He might be 33, but his body hasn’t aged that much. And the numbers prove this: he has played already 25 games for Juve across all competitions, starting all but two, and scored 15 goals.

Ronaldo’s pursuit of perfection

The Portuguese didn’t join the Bianconeri just to be decisive in the Champions League (even though that remains the main aim). He joined Juve to be the best of the best in every possible situation. He’s already broken records, something he loves to do. He is the joint fastest in Juventus history to score 10 league goals, being the fastest to do so in a debut season. In this time he became the first player to reach 400 league goals in Europe’s top 5 leagues. Sensational, as usual.

So far, resting him hasn’t been an option for the Bianconeri. It might be the case once the toughest Champions League games come up. But his work so far in Serie A means Juventus as a team will be able to rotate more, with the league being virtually won after just four months. The focus is the Champions League, and the Champions League only.

Of course, Cristiano could have relaxed in these first months, knowing in the worst case scenario he has won five editions of Europe’s top competition. But his hunger for glory, mixed with Juve’s constant will to win trophies, and especially the obsession with the Champions League, means this is the perfect meeting at the perfect time.


The Bianconeri have lost two finals in the last four seasons, with Cristiano often being the man in between the Bianconeri and the trophy. This time round, the striker is ready to take the Old Lady hand-in-hand all the way to the top, to lift the Champions League trophy and move past the obsession.

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