While the Cristiano Ronaldo project had a disastrous setback with Juventus, Atletico Madrid turned back the clock with a vintage Champions League performance


Atletico Madrid

Dominant from start to finish, Atletico could have scored even more than the two goals that saw off Juventus. Diego Simeone’s men were ruthless at the back, giving not a single chance to the Bianconeri, whilst at the same time being dangerous up front, and lethal in the final minutes, netting twice in rapid succession to have a real advantage going into the second leg. It isn’t over yet, but the dominance in Madrid is one that will be long remembered.

Diego Godin

A monster at the back, the heart of Atletico Madrid. Annihilated Ronaldo, Mario Mandzukic and Paulo Dybala, conceded nothing at the back, and then scored a fundamental goal. A true leader for Atletico Madrid.

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Barcelona created several chances, but were unable to score. This in itself is already a great result for the French club. And on top of this, they will be able to try their luck at the Nou Camp in the second leg, as an away goal could be a true difference-maker. All in all, a great night for Lyon.

Bayern Munich

Leaving Anfield without being wounded is crucial for the return game. Bayern were definitely not favourites against the Reds, and proved they can defend, and do it well for a solid 90 minutes. Liverpool did not take their chances, and Bayern could have also scored with a bit more luck. The Bavarians proved it will take Jurgen Klopp’s men a lot of hard work to make it to the next round.

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“We aren’t dead.” Said coach Massimiliano Allegri after the 2-0 defeat at Atletico Madrid. Juventus might not be dead, but they certainly looked dead on the pitch, unable to ever create any chances to score against the Colchoneros, at the same time suffering at the back, with Atletico having plenty of opportunities and eventually scoring twice. A nightmare for the Bianconeri, who will have a mountain to climb in the return leg.

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Cristiano Ronaldo

He responded to the fans showing how many Champions League titles he had won with a hand gesture. Not a great idea, on a night like this. Ronaldo did very little to justify his superstar status, being annihilated like all his team mates. He was meant to be the difference-maker for Juventus in the Champions League. He struggled hugely.

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Coming out of that game without an advantage could prove fatal for Klopp’s team. Of course, an away goal at the Allianz Arena could be all they need to make it to the quarter-finals, but not being able to put one past Manuel Neuer in front of the Kop isn’t ideal, especially considering how badly Liverpool have done away from home this season in Europe, losing all matches.


Schalke 04

So close to beating Manchester City, yet unable to do it in the end. A pity, for a team that was expected to lose badly. Schalke surprised City and everyone watching, even going up 2-1 thanks to two Nail Bentaleb penalties. It wasn’t enough, as City got the away win, and have a foot in the next round.

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