Finally, Liverpool have broken the jinx and this season would not end without a trophy. Jurgen Klopp has delivered the fans, for which they have been wishing for a while now. Whereas, Tottenham were left thinking of what might have been…..


Jurgen Klopp

“Let’s talk about six, baby!” Yes, let’s do it, let’s all do it, let us celebrate Klopp and a Liverpool side that capped a wonderful season with the most prestigious club trophy.

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After losing the final a year ago, the Reds under Klopp changed slightly, becoming a true machine. They perhaps lost attacking power, but improved drastically in defence, conceding less and scoring enough to go all the way.

Klopp is finally a winning manager, and as he says, he doesn’t want to stop now.

Virgil van Dijk

Criticised for being too expensive, and then for being compared to Paolo Maldini perhaps too soon. There’s still a way to go to be amongst the best ever defenders, but Maldini is a little bit closer after the Dutchman lifted the UEFA Champions League and was named Man of the Match in Madrid.

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Van Dijk encapsulates the modern defender and showed it in the final, annihilating Harry Kane and anyone who went his way. Great in his passing, physically strong, comfortable on the ball, perfect in the air, and unbeatable when it comes to dribbles. Take a bow, Virgil.

Alisson Becker

There was a buzz around the globe of whether Alisson Becker, the Brazilian goalkeeper, was a great signing or not. But his stay in front of the goal post gave Liverpool nothing but assurance throughout the season.

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In the final, he was absolutely spot on. He saved 8 times and became the most valuable keeper in a Champions League final after a long time. Obviously, he is one of the best keepers in the world at present.

Jordan Henderson

Perhaps the least talented captain to lift the Champions League trophy in recent years, yet just as worthy as all his previous colleagues. Perfect in the midfield battle against Spurs, Henderson proved to be a true leader for Liverpool this season, encapsulating the team spirit and being an example for his teammates.

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The hug with his father after the trophy ceremony is an image that will forever be shown. Football in a nutshell.



One of the least ‘Spursy’ sides ever ended up being as ‘Spursy’ as you can get in the most decisive moment of the season.

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Of course, going behind after just two minutes did not help, but Tottenham never really looked like a team that could turn things around. Spurs were the better side in the second half, looking to overturn that one-goal deficit and complete another comeback, but never truly threatened Alisson, leaving us all with a “what if…” feeling to end their best ever Champions League campaign.

Mauricio Pochettino

The toughest decision of his career proved costly to his side. Playing Harry Kane from the start ahead of semifinal hero Lucas Moura – after the England Captain had returned to training just a week ago – ended the fortnight-long debate about who should start, but started a new one: “What if Lucas had started?”.

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Poch played his best center-forward, and kept the Brazilian in his sleeve as a substitute. Neither of the two did well. A pity.

Harry Kane

Thrown perhaps too soon back into the mix, the number 10 was a ghost on the pitch, a shadow of the player he can be when on top form.

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Van Dijk gave him a hell of a difficult time, and it would e tough for anyone against the Dutchman, but Kane was expected to return with a bang, to make the difference for Spurs. He didn’t even get close.

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