Lionel Messi accused of corruption in the Copa America, but he has no definitive proofs. But Messi should think twice before he talks…..

Dear Lionel Messi, you said, “We could have gone further but we weren’t allowed into the final. Corruption, referees and all the rest stopped people from enjoying the football”. And then added, “Brazil champions? No doubt. Sadly, I think it’s set up for Brazil”.

First of all, let us reply to this: We could have gone further but we weren’t allowed into the final. Corruption, referees and all the rest stopped people from enjoying the football.

Dude, you are lucky to be in the semi-final with this below-par team. You and your team are nowhere near that team of Gabriel Batistuta and Riquelme, which was respected and admired a lot. In fact, the Brazil fans always remained tensed while facing that great Argentine side.

When the matter has been about Argentine player's honesty, it always remained dubious
When the matter has been about Argentine player’s honesty, it always remained dubious

As because it was not a team of an individual only, but a compact unit ready to fulfill their mission. But your current team is just below-average, where you are a big flop in Argentina shirt.

Now let us cite a very important incident.

Leo, do you know what happened during the Second Round of FIFA World Cup 1978?

Your team – the hosts – was all set to play the third-place play-off against Italy with Brazil gearing up to meet the Netherlands in the finals of FIFA World Cup 1978.

Brazil beat Poland 3-1 and then Peru 3-0 in the Group B of the second round. Which meant, Argentina had to beat Peru 4-0 or 5-1.

That Peru was not an easy team to beat by such a margin and during that time your dictator Govt. run by Jorge Videla made a political deal with the dictator of Peru, Francisco Bermudez – the Condor Plan – where Francisco wanted to send 13 Peruvian  prisoners to Argentina, but Videla would only accept them if Peru deliberately lose the match against Argentina.

Videla wished to exploit Argentina’s success to the maximum and hide the massive disappearances of protestors, who were dubbed to be killed by the Videla and co.

Videla and Francisco accepted the deal and as the match progressed, the Argentine-origin goalkeeper of Peru checked himself from showing any intent and digested 6 goals.

Former Peruvian Senator Genaro Ledesma confirmed about this dirty deal by Videla in 2012.

Again, do you remember, how Brazil were denied a win against Sweden when the referee blew the final whistle after Zico scoring the winner? The gaame was leveled as time was running out. Zico scored on a header to win game but the referee calls off the goal saying that the clock had run out.

In soccer that’s a pretty odd call, especially since the assistant delayed the Corner by moving the ball which took another 10 seconds off the clock.

What was that? Fair or corruption?

That corruption – as you termed today – by the referee denied Brazil the top spot in Group 3, but hey, you people wanted to avoid facing Brazil, but in the end, you had to face them as because, Italy beat you in the last group match and forced you to move to Rosario. But to stop Brazil, your Videla played this dirty game.

Then you complained about the substandard pitch in this year’s Copa America. Do you remember the pitch at Mar del Plata, where you forced Brazil to their group matches during World Cup 1978? Brazil failed to adapt on that pitch could not do anything against Spain.


Now let me come to this: “Brazil champions? No doubt. Sadly, I think it’s set up for Brazil”.

Half of the answer had been given above. But as you accused without any proofs, I guess I am entitled to raise my doubts as well.

Okay, since 2010-2018, if we witness Argentina’s group arrangements during FIFA World Cups, we notice, three times in a row, your team had been placed against Nigeria and in 2010 and 2014, you were placed in an easy group where a Group Champion ensured an easy entry to the finals.

It could not happen in 2010 as you and your coach underestimated a young German unit whereas, in 2014, you expected too much favour from Germany. Am I right? The Germans don’t spare their oppositions so easily like Nigeria, South Korea or Greece.

In 2018, you were placed with Croatia, Nigeria and Iceland. Except for Croatia, none were that better, but the set up was such, if you become the Group Champion, the entry to final would be easier. But you are such an overrated player that you could not overcome the Croatian threat and end up as Group runner-ups. The French showed you where you belong.


Like you, I just expressed my doubts and I have no proofs. I can only doubt, the FIFA Officials have been backing you since the start of this decade, whereas they had been too harsh against Cristiano Ronaldo – subjected to tougher Groups than you – and Brazil – who had been a victim of poor referring in Russia and at their own den in 2014.

I gave the answers to your two statements and if the Brazil fans, wish to dig deep, they can dish out the Hand of God saga, The Holy Water Scandal saga, the referee keeping his eyes closed against the Soviet Union when Maradona touched the ball with his hand inside his own penalty area during the second match of Italia 90 at Naples, you place the ball a few meters forward at Camp Nou while taking the free-kick against Liverpool in first phase of semi-final after claiming it by a false foul, Diego Simeone playing the dirty acting to prompt the referee to show David Beckham the red card in that Round of 16 match of World Cup 1998 etc.

The Brazil fans are confident that they have all the answers to the accusations you and your team would dish out against Brazil today and tomorrow.


So, think twice before you talk!

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