England’s composure with the bat had been much, much better than the first innings. It was an attritional day of Test cricket where England kept the hopes alive. The circumstances demanded to trust the defence and play with a straight bat as Joe Root and Joe Denly did just that.

Denly was scratchy but his intent to occupy the crease made him a more assured batsman. He survived some close shaves, still, his defence improved as the day progressed. So was Root, who has had a rather quiet series so far.

In the first innings, the English batters opened the face of the bat by angling it towards the onside a bit more while attempting to drive, but this technical glitch was corrected sooner. The face of the bat opened better and defended the ball with much more assurance.

Batting positively does not always mean you have to wear the gung-ho suit and go all guns blazing, but resolve can be termed as a positive batting approach as well if the situation demands such. Thankfully, England realized this and they can think of a better outcome if they maintain the same on Day 4.

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