Jose Mourinho was reinvigorating Tottenham Hotspur whereas, in the meantime, Frank Lampard was fixing the Blues at Stamford Bridge. Both teams have experienced a rough ride in the last couple of months. Both teams started to show a lot of promise under new managers and last night Mourinho could have leapfrogged Chelsea into fourth with a win at home. Well, in the end, Lampard was found ecstatic while Mourinho was left bemused.

Willian exchanged passes with Mateo Kovacic after a short corner, shifted the ball away from defender Sergei Aurier and struck a powerful 15-yard-shot at the right corner to beat Paulo Gazzaniga.  Then Gazzaniga charged from his goal and missed the ball completely as he attempted a clearance, but instead, caught Marcos Alonso high with his boot. Initially a foul was given against Alonso, but VAR confirmed that it was a penalty and Willian converted from the spot.

The Spurs were reeling at 2-0 and things got worse when Son Heung-min was sent off for kicking out at Antonio Rudiger with 28 minutes left.

Midway through the second half, the game stopped suddenly. Antonio Rudiger indicated that he had been the subject of racist abuse from some part of the crowd. The referee was informed. The mangers were informed. The spectators present at the ground and millions watching on television heard, “ladies and gentlemen, this is a security announcement Racism is interfering with the game”.

Yet, again, racism overshadowed the thrill and excitement of football and that also in a country, which is well known for her passion for sports and gentleman hood. Players subjected to racial abuse are happening more often and this is not doing anything good for the game.

The game moved on whereas after such an incident it should have been called off or it would have been the best if the players from both sides and officials walked off the pitch immediately.

Willian and Lampard overcoming their previous club manager with a brilliant display have totally been masked by the ugly claws of racism. A few out there are poisoned and consumed by hatred, but these few simply mocks the passion of a thousand others. Why the passionate fans should be a victim of few moronic mins remain a moot question.

The human race has gone through various changes for thousands of years and they have learned from their mistakes to make this world a better place, but in the meantime, they have displayed their dark side as well. In this century, the ugly sides are exposed like never before. Hatred and superiority complex dominate everywhere.  And, as usual, for a few, the majority is suffering.

Football is the game of the people. The beautiful game. The performers of this beautiful game along with its followers must rise above the rest to win the battle against racism.

Enough is enough!


Say No To Racism!

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