Whenever you hear the name Robert Lewandowski, you can only think of someone who is born to score goals. He hogged the limelight during his days at Borussia Dortmund where he enjoyed a great season f 2012-13. The German Giant Bayern Munich wanted to sign him and everything was okay, but Lewandowski always wished to join Real Madrid and play alongside the best footballer in the world Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Such a wish of Lewandowski has been revealed by his former agent Cezary Kucharski to Futbolownia on YouTube.

Here are the excerpts:

Real Madrid’s economic conditions were better.

The key was that he wouldn’t be the No.1 [striker].

It wouldn’t have been a good move to go there as a back-up to [Karim] Benzema.

The contract with Bayern was agreed, but after the game against Real Madrid, where he scored four goals, I wanted to go one better.

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Two weeks before his move [to Bayern] was confirmed, I said that I’d changed my mind and that he would go to Real Madrid.

Bayern got angry and I faced some unpleasant words, but [Uli] Hoeness resisted the pressure, convinced the board and added 25 million [euros] to the contract.

At one point in the negotiations, he no longer wanted to sign a contract with Bayern and wanted Real Madrid instead because Ronaldo played there.

I convinced him that he had to be the number one striker at a big club. At Real Madrid, he would have prevailed over Karim Benzema at some point, but I couldn’t allow him to move to a club as a number two given the status he already had at that time.

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I emphasized this in all discussions, whether it was with Real Madrid, Arsenal, or Manchester City.

It’s funny today, but Lewy really had doubts at the time.

He will end his career at Bayern. If I was still his adviser, I would at least advise him to do that.


I think only Ruud van Nistelrooy went to Madrid when he was over 30 years old. Instead, I would concentrate on Bayern to continue breaking records.

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