Real Madrid skipper Sergio Ramos stepped up again to take the penalty in a match where the Los Blancos squandered some brilliant opportunities.  Ramos was Real Madrid’s penalty hero for the second time in four days as a 1-0 win at Athletic Bilbao sent the LaLiga leaders seven points clear.

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One can say that scoring from penalties is like a cakewalk, but those critics must not forget even the so-called best players fire above the bar in crunch games.

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After the match, Ramos shared his opinion with the media.

Here are the excerpts:

“The individual recognition is second for me”.

“All I think about is the three points. But those moments of doubt [when taking penalties], that’s when I feel most comfortable. I just wanted to take that responsibility. What matters most is the overall result. The only thing that matters is that it helps the team win”.

“What matters is that the team gets the objectives we want and manage to get the three points in every game we play. Luckily, for the moment, we are getting those results”.

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“I would have probably played tennis if I were more interested in individual recognition. This is a very beautiful sport, a team sport, and it’s very nice to win as a team”.

“It was very important for us. We knew today was going to be one of the most important games of those that are left for us. It’s a very difficult game always, traveling away to Bilbao. We just organized it like that: we had 11 finals left coming back from lockdown and we just had to go game by game, getting the three points”.

“I believe today, again, the team proved that against a team like this, you always have to be at it. We’re very happy with the three points. That was our objective”.

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“It’s three very important points to put more pressure on Barcelona, who play later today”.

“We just want that league title. From the first minute, you could see how we wanted to go for that game and get the result today”.


“We knew we weren’t going to win 3-0 or 4-0 today – it was going to be a very tough game – but it was important”.

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