Manchester City failed to advance to the finals of the FA Cup because Arsenal stunned them with a 2-0 defeat. Neither the fans nor the manager of City – Pep Guardiola – was impressed by the result.


After the match, he gave an interview to the BBC.

Here are the excerpts:

“We didn’t make a good performance, we were not ready enough. If you don’t play for 90 minutes in a semi-final this can happen.We didn’t play good; we are human beings”.

“The opponent played good, sometimes it happens. The only regret is that we didn’t play the first half like we played the second one. We had to change the set-up, but we couldn’t do it”.

“I don’t have to tell them. They know it, they feel it We know the standards that we have to be at this kind of stage and competitions”.

“Maybe we will learn and maybe not. We will see”.

“The last game against Bournemouth was not good and today the first half wasn’t good. We struggled to play at our level and we know it.


“It is not necessary to be a genius to realize we have to increase our standard against Madrid if we want to go through”.

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