After defeating Chelsea by 5-3, the much-awaited moment arrived for Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp. After 30 years the Reds had a hand on Premier League the trophy and they celebrated with a lot of emotions. This title means a lot for the team and their fans, who waited three decades to watch their team reach the top.

Klopp gave an interview to Sky Sports, which has been posted in the Echo.

Here are the excerpts:

 Celebrating without the fans

“That’s how life is, you make the best of what you can. It means the world to me to do this and a few months ago we thought it might not be possible”.

“All the other leagues were different. Ajax didn’t get the trophy and Bayern (Munich) had to do it completely differently, we had our families here today”.

“I couldn’t be happier and I know it would be perfect if the stadium was full, but you cannot change it. It’s a great moment”.

Liverpool consistency

“We went away from being a clean sheet tonight but it’s all about consistency. When we started we had these great games of football and then the next game it was different. We had to work on that”.

“It’s about having a high level of training. Everyone deserves a medal. We play like we play because we train as we train”.

Message vs Chelsea

“In a meeting, I can say whatever I want. If you want to win, you have to work hard. If you don’t care, you don’t have to go out because Chelsea is too good and their target is too high”.

“They surprised me, to be honest. How can you put that shift in a situation like this? It was just exceptional”.

Laying the gauntlet down to rivals

“We are champions of England, Europe, and the world. It is unbelievable but it’s true. I couldn’t be more proud”.

“We need the pictures (of all the trophies) for while it lasts. Because it doesn’t happen too often. But we will not stop”.

“We have internal challenges. We can improve each player. Naby (Keita) played only the last part of the season. We have a chance to take another step”.

“The others will not sleep. Chelsea are such a talented team. There are all the others, Manchester United and Man City”.

Message to Liverpool fans


“What can I say? Five years ago I asked you to change from doubters to believers and you did it. You made it happen. Savour it and drink what you want. But you have to prepare for a party. When? I don’t know. When this b******* virus is gone then we will have it”.

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