Mauricio Pochettino, after the end of his job at Tottenham Hotspur, said, he’d sooner go to his farm in Argentina than take charge at the Camp Nou due to his affiliation to Espanyol. But now, just two years after those comments, he sees things differently.

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He gave an interview to El Pais, where expressed his opinion.

Here are the excerpts:

On coaching Barcelona

“I have to explain things properly. I was in Barcelona that year and met [Barcelona president Josep Maria] Bartomeu in a bar. We greeted each other because we were taking our children to the same school and we spoke for five minutes. Rumours generated and I wanted to settle them. I didn’t want to disrespect Barcelona”.

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“Espanyol helped make me, but I’m not arrogant and I didn’t like making a statement like that.”Maybe now I wouldn’t because you never know what will happen”.

His impact on English football


“It wasn’t the press, but more how we played from the back. There was a change of mentality when the English saw they could do it. I think, together with Brendan Rodgers, we changed the mentality of English football a bit. Pep [Guardiola] arriving helped to cement that”.


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