A few days left for the Clash of the Titans at the Etihad stadium. Real Madrid would travel to England to meet Pep Guardiola’s men. After the La Liga victory this season, the Royal Whites are confident and Casemiro is one of them.

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He gave an interview to Esporte Interactivo.

Here are the excerpts:

On the Manchester City clash

“Without fans, it’s a different game”.

“It will be a very good game and difficult for both sides, but we’re Real Madrid and we know we have a chance to go through”.

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“They won’t have their fans and that might favour us a little”.

“But the players are the same, the coach is the same and we all know that the difficulty level will be the same because they’re a great team”.

On Gareth Bale

“He’s working. he knows it’s not the best time in his career, but he has our support, that of the coach and of the club”.

“He’s very important for us, he can spring a surprise at any time and he’s already shown that”.

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“He’s a decisive player who scores goals in Champions League finals”.

“We have to be honest and say that he’s not at his best, but when he is he’s incredible and in the top three in the world”.


“I have a lot of love for him and that’s why I try to take care of him as much as I can”.

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