Since Ronald Koeman has been appointed as the head coach of Barcelona, there has been news circulating in the social media that Koeman wishes to clean the house and Suarez is not part of his plans for the next season.


But Luis Suarez took to his Instagram account and produced an Instagram story where he took aim at those criticizing him after it was revealed that new FC Barcelona head coach Koeman has told the striker that there is no place for the Uruguayan in his set-up.

“There are people using my name and saying things about me, people that I’ve had nothing to do within years. I’ll speak for myself when that time comes about”.

The post was accompanied by the hashtag #notodoesverdad #NotEverythingIsTrue.

The club’s third top goal-scorer of all time was informed of his situation at Camp Nou some 24 hours before Leo Messi sent the club a burofax stating his interest to leave the Catalan side. It’s expected that Suarez will now negotiate an exit from the club that will see an annulling in what remains of his contract.

The hype about Lionel Messi leaving Barcelona is immense, but very few are realizing the fact, if Suarez leaves Camp Nou, he would be missed the most.

Ever since Suarez at the club, both Messi and he have led the way in Barcelona’s success and there have been countless trophies won – In six years together, they have conquered Spain, Europe, and the world.

Jointly, they have accounted for almost half (47.6 percent) of the goals scored by Barcelona in La Liga this past term.

As Marca stated:

Barcelona’s total goals and Messi and Suarez’s joint goals

2019/20: Barcelona 86; Messi and Suarez 41

2018/19: Barcelona 90; Messi and Suarez 57

2017/18: Barcelona 99; Messi and Suarez 59

2016/17: Barcelona 116; Messi and Suarez 66

2015/16: Barcelona 112; Messi and Suarez 66

Without the pair, Barcelona would have scored just 45 league goals, fewer than any team in Europe.

Reflecting back at the four years before, there is an average of 44.4 goals and 21.2 assists per season for Messi, and 34.6 goals and 17.2 assists per season for Suarez.

That total of 79 goals and 38.4 assists will be very difficult to replace.

Clubs like Juventus have enough interest in signing Suarez and Pirlo would be delighted to have him up front alongside Cristiano Ronaldo. Then the door of Ajax – his former club – is always open and not to forget, Paris Saint-Germain would not miss the opportunity to sign him and build a frontline, which would include Neymar, Kylian Mbappe and Suarez.

Suarez has aged. But still, his goal-scoring abilities have not waned and his experience as a number 9 cannot be undermined by any means.


If Suarez leaves Barcelona, the Catalans would miss an impactful player.


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