All the disgrace and anguish of getting thrashed by Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League were overshadowed by the departure of Lionel Messi from Barcelona. It was not the first time that the Argentine star gave rise to such a drama after a disgraceful show, but the neutrals could realize, it was a hype, which would settle in the course of time.

In the end, Messi stayed in Barca, but Luis Suarez left.

Many speculated during that departure-drama of Messi, the absence of the Argentinean would take the sheen-off La Liga.

But the La Liga President Javier Tebas thinks otherwise.

In an interview, which has been published in AS, Tebas said the Spanish top-flight would not have suffered losses had Barcelona star Leo Messi decided to leave Camp Nou while also warning of a financial crisis should the COVID-19 pandemic force football to stop again.

Asked about Messi, Tebas told reporters, “As I always said, I will always want to see Messi in LaLiga. If he stays in Barcelona, much better for Barcelona.”

“The union between Barcelona FC and Messi is so good for Barca, for Messi and for LaLiga. I’m not sure whether departing from Barcelona would have been a good idea for Messi.”

“Maybe yes as a player, but not for Messi as a football industry, because Messi is a machine in creating an industry around him. Not sure whether it would have worked for him.”

“Messi will finally stay but I must say that we had already sold LaLiga TV rights worldwide for the next four years and nobody called us asking to cancel that agreement in case Messi would leave. No one!”

Tebas then expressed his concerns about the financial crisis during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“We could move from a health pandemic to a financial pandemic.”

“We are reading in the newspapers that the economical activity cannot be stopped again, there must be a balance between the health and the financial aspect,” said Tebas.


“If not, we could move from a health pandemic into a financial pandemic, which would be really dangerous.”

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