Real Madrid took a decisive lead through a penalty in the El Clasico at the Camp Nou. Zinedine Zidane introduced Luka Modric to keep Barcelona occupied. Before coming to the pitch, Modric was seen exhibiting his superstitions and as soon as he entered the pitch, he had an immediate impact. Rodrygo Goes set up a brilliant pass to Modric who maintained his calm and composure to score the third goal and seal the match for the Los Blancos.

Time and again, the place of Modric has been questioned in the Real Madrid set up, but he gave them fitting replies by creating an impact.

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He might have aged over the years and lost the sting of the past, but his hard work and determination never let him down.

Still, he conveys the message that he has something to offer for the Royal Whites.

The contract of Modric with Real Madrid would end in 2021 and the Royal Whites are yet to begin what will be a flurry of renewals.

Modric gave an interview to FourFourTwo recently in which he discussed various topics.

Here are the excerpts:

On Zinedine Zidane

If you make me choose a coach, I’ll stick with Zidane. My relationship with him is more special than with anyone else and we have won a lot together.

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Zidane likes to call you to his office to tell you what you should do more, how you should play, what you do well, and what you don’t…

On Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo congratulated me when I won the Ballon d’Or. We keep in touch because playing with him was incredible and special.

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He was so demanding… during the games he wanted everyone to give their best and he motivated us

The World Cup or Ballon d’Or?

I would exchange the Ballon d’Or for a World Cup with Croatia.

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The individual awards are spectacular, but for me, the collective goals are more important. There is no more important trophy than that.

Why the deal with Chelsea did not work out?

Tottenham didn’t want to sell me to them, that’s why.

To be honest, I didn’t have big expectations that it would happen – it was always really difficult that Tottenham would sell me to Chelsea, especially because they’re rival teams from the same city.

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It was nice to know that they were interested in signing me because it showed that I was doing well, but it didn’t happen simply because Tottenham just didn’t want to sell me.

On Daniel Levy

I think everyone knows that Daniel is a very tough negotiator, and from that standpoint, it’s really good for the club.

I think he’s done so many great things for the club: they’ve progressed so well under him, and he always looks after their interests.

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As a player, sometimes you can’t understand this – you have something on your mind; you want to go, or you want to do something. But he was always looking after the best interests of Tottenham. That’s Daniel’s strong side and he needs to continue being like that because the club is the most important thing.

Meeting with Roman Abramovich on his yacht in Southern France

It was a massive yacht! It was a nice moment and we had a small chat – he’s a very pleasant person,” he said. I met him there for the first time and we spoke a bit, but that was it. That yacht was amazing, though.

Good days in Tottenham Hotspur, but still, they did not win any trophies

It’s difficult to say. We really had a very good team, with plenty of talent and potential.”

Maybe we could have done something more. We were close – we reached a League Cup final, and the semi-finals of the FA Cup at Wembley twice. We were close.

But it’s difficult in England. It isn’t easy to win things, because there are so many big teams with great players.

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I think we played some excellent football and the fans enjoyed watching us, but it’s a shame that the group didn’t win a trophy because I think we possessed everything that’s necessary to win titles.

We achieved important things, though: qualifying for the Champions League in 2009-10, then again in 2011-12.

Sadly, Chelsea then won the Champions League and we didn’t go. Spurs started growing as a team and a club with us there. That was also important.

On return to Tottenham Hotspur


I’m too old to go back to Tottenham. I still have a year left in Madrid and then we’ll see what happens. I feel good and I want to continue playing football for a few more years. I am focused on Madrid and the things we can achieve this season. Afterward, I will sit down to talk to the management and we will look for a suitable solution for everyone. I have forged a good relationship with all the people of the club and no matter what happens there will be no problem.

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