A crucial week for Real Madrid is all set to start and for the coach of Los Blancos, Zinedine Zidane it means a lot. He has been under such pressure previously but had been able to handle them well. Right now, he discovers himself in another critical state, where his future is hanging on a thin rope.

While speaking to the press, Zidane said, “We know the situation, but we want to try to compete. It is another opportunity to change the chip. I trust my players very much. The situation is complicated; we have been through a similar situation many times. Tomorrow is a match to show what Real Madrid Is!”

Real Madrid’s next clash would be against the Europa League Champions Sevilla and Zidane is fully focused on the match.

“The most important thing is tomorrow’s game, we can’t think about the other game. Tomorrow we have to score and play a great game against a very good opponent. We like games like this, in which we have to compete. The first thing is the league game.”

Asked whether Zidane is fully supported by the club or not, he answered, “Yes, completely – Of the club and of everyone. I can’t be happy when we lose a game, neither are the players. We know it. It is fortunate to be able to be here and give ourselves to this club. To connect with what we know how to do good.”

While talking about the backlash Zidane received after a terrible week, he said,  “You [Media] are here to do your job. It doesn’t bother me, it’s life. My position as a coach is that when you don’t win games it’s normal for there to be criticism. It’s not going to change what I think of my players and the work we do every day.”

“In the end, you (Journalists) make things up, that the players are with me or not. The players want to pull this off, altogether. They show me their love every day. I know the story I have at this club. They’re the first ones who aren’t happy.”

“At a time like this we have to get together and we can all get this right together. It is another opportunity to change the situation and I trust my players. I know the situation is complicated; we have experienced a similar situation many times. I trust my players.”

Whether Sergio Ramos would feature against Sevilla or note, Zidane said, “We’re not going to risk Ramos. If he can be with us, he will be. I don’t want to have a player in discomfort and then hurt himself more.”

Zidane’s tactical moves have been criticized recently.

Regarding that, he said, “It’s not about the formation, in the end when you don’t have the ball you have to be focused to defend. With one system or another, you must be focused. We know how to have our balance, we’ve had a lot of matches with a goal to zero and that’s what we’re going to try tomorrow.”

About his future, Zidane said, “I’ve never thought I’m untouchable, neither as a player nor as a Coach. I’m here for something. I’ll live for that until the last day.”


“We’ll see what’s going to happen, we have a game tomorrow and we think only about trying to win the game. I don’t care about the rest. I care about making a big game tomorrow and winning all three points.”


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