FIFA announced the winners for the best performers of the 2019-20 season and many of the fans and critics did not take some of the selections and winners that easily. One of them was the winner of the best coach of the year award.

A few eyebrows were raised when Flick was overlooked for best men’s coach at FIFA’s annual awards ceremony on Thursday, with Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp retaining the prize.

Klopp led Liverpool to a first English top-flight title in 30 years in the last term, but when addressing the media on Friday admitted his own surprise by saying, “I’m grateful for it, obviously. From the first moment, like everybody else, I was looking at it a bit wide-eyed, like, how did that happen?”

Mourinho, whose Tottenham side was beaten by Liverpool 2-1 on Wednesday, was asked about the decision when previewing Tottenham Hotspur’s’ clash with Leicester City.

Mourinho aimed a fresh dig at Klopp.

“I think the only chance for Flick to win is that Bayern find two or three more new competitions to win it,” Mourinho said with a laugh.

“So maybe if he wins seven titles in one season maybe he wins the award because I believe he only won the Champions League, Bundesliga, Pokal, European Super Cup, German Super Cup – he only won five and the biggest one of all.”

“Poor Flick! The only chance is for Bayern to try and find two or three more trophies to see if he can win it.”

Mourinho took to Instagram to pass on his congratulations to Son Heung-min after the Spurs forward picked up the 2020 Puskas Award at Thursday’s ceremony for his incredible solo effort against Burnley.

Mourinho’s recent defensive tactics and get the opposition on the counter earned him critics, but still, he is mainly interested in one statistic, which is how many goals a team scores.

“You love the word ‘possession’ and you love the stats,” Mourinho said.

“You [the media] in general. It is a little bit like the efficiency of players and sometimes you say ‘the stats say player B had 92% of efficiency on his passing.”

“But the stats don’t say that that player only made passes of two meters… they don’t say that that player was a center-back that only passed to the other center-back or a number six who only passed the ball to number eight, and the guy who had 65% efficiency on his passes is the guy that made the assists… the guy that makes the tight passes, the guy that makes 60 meters passes to change the direction of the play.”


“So the stats many, many times are like an incredible piece of meat or fish but badly cooked. It doesn’t tell me much. What tells me is the number of goals that you score and the number of chances that you create.”

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