You would find very people out there to argue about the fact – Real Madrid is the best club in the history of football. Time and again, their contribution towards football has been immense and even the haters tend to respect the dynamic club deep down.

The assembly of the club took place today and the President of the Club Florentino Perez addressed it.

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The club president looked to the future, analyzing the impact of COVID-19 and calling for innovation in the way football is structured.

“I want to convey my gratitude on behalf of Real Madrid to all the people fighting the pandemic,” The President told the members, who weren’t able to attend this assembly in person and who instead connected remotely.

“The best thing about Real Madrid is the fans. Without you, nothing we do would make sense. Our stability has not helped us to have an economic solidity to face a situation like this.”

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“The absence of the public and all that it entails has caused a significant drop in income. Our management is based on rigor and given what we are experiencing we have carried out a large cut in spending.”

“The staff and coaches agreed to cut their remuneration so as not to affect other Real Madrid employees. The Foundation has made a donation of 3.6 million Euros to combat the pandemic.”

“Nothing will be the same as it was before!”

“We need to innovate and find formulas to ensure football remains attractive.”

“Real Madrid were there for the foundation of FIFA and the European Cup. Now, the current model needs a boost, as the impact that COVID-19 has had has shown this. We need a new boost and Real Madrid will be there for it.”

“Everyone is calling for a reshaping of the global competitive landscape. There is saturation and the fans, who are the most important, suffer.”

“There are consequences for the players too, with injuries. So, a reshaping of football mustn’t wait. There’s a need to change.”

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“Europe’s biggest clubs have millions of fans and we can’t turn our backs to them.”

Perez went on to discuss the La Liga Santander title that the club won in 2019-20.

“We’re proud of the players because they gave their all to win the league title, to offer it to the fans,” he stated.

Perez expressed his opinion about Zinedine Zidane.

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“Zidane has added 11 titles at the helm of Real Madrid and has become the second coach with the most victories in the club’s history. Our planning has brought us many titles and we face this difficult time from an economic point of view with serenity.”

“We continue to enjoy a winning cycle that has allowed us to win 19 titles in the last 10 seasons in increasingly difficult and competitive football. We continue to trust this team to aspire to the challenges of this season.”

“We know what Real Madrid’s demand is. Here the hunger for titles is always the same. We want more and we will keep trying until the end.”

Next, The President discussed some of the club’s sporting decisions and reflected on the current recruitment policy.

“Our youth team continues to be one of our pillars and hallmarks. This past season gave us another great joy: the UEFA Youth League.”

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“184 footballers who were trained in the Real Madrid quarry play in professional leagues. Our academy is an international benchmark.”

“We have extraordinary players, with youngsters for the future and even some who are already in the first team,” The President explained.

“The mix of youngsters and veterans is what has brought us success in recent years. Our planning has brought titles and that means we can remain calm at this time.”

On football returning to the Santiago Bernabeu, Perez said, “The New Bernabeu will be one of the most emblematic civil works in Spain and we hope to finish it in 2022. The loan of €525m for 30 years includes a grace period of 30, so Madrid will pay the first installment on June 30, 2023. Income from the new stadium will pay for it.”


During the assembly, Perez also wished Iker Casillas well in retirement and congratulated the basketball team as well.


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