What has happened to Arsenal? Their current form has been utterly pathetic and it seems that there is no way out from this loop of defeats – Mikel Arteta is feeling the heat, but still, he is confident that the Gunners can come out from this mess.

The defeat to Everton on Saturday was Arsenal’s seventh defeat in their last 10 Premier League games. They are sitting in the fifteenth position and just four points clear of relegations.

“I don’t like to think about those steps because then I will be thinking in a negative way and I cannot do that,” Arteta said when asked if he was contemplating walking away.

“At the moment I have to try to be as positive as I can, believe in what we’re doing, try to modify things to make it work better, and stay strong.”

“We’re going through a lot of difficulties, the last thing we want to be thinking of is a lot more problems coming up in the next few months, I’m not in that state of mind.”

“I know the responsibility that I have and why I am here, I think everybody knows as well. From a few months ago that this wasn’t going to get resolved really quickly, I think that’s the consciousness of everybody at the club.”

“From within the club, everything I am feeling is just support, encouragement, and total confidence that we will get through this together.”

“A club of this stature deserves the best and when it is not happening, everyone is going to question what is happening. I am the most responsible one in terms of results, so I have to accept that.”

Arteta wants his players to fight and feel victimized.

“I liked to look around me whether it’s the staff, coaches, players and I wanted to see fighters.”

“Normally when that happens, you have two types of people: fighters and victims.”

“You need fighters and you don’t want any victims. Victims bring excuses, victims bring negativity and they start to blame anything that is happening around them or is not going their way.”


“You need people who fight, people who contribute, and people who are ready to give everything to the club at this moment.”


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