Whenever the transfer window opens the rumor of a star leaving their respective club gains enough momentum and keeps the fans and pundits on the rope – every day new speculation crops up and there you go – it seems that the most beloved superstar of the club will leave within a minute. But ultimately such things never happen.  The world knows what happened with the Messi-leaving-Barcelona saga last year.

During the winter season, Sergio-Ramos-leaving-Real-Madrid is creating a lot of noises around the globe.

It had been assumed for a long time that the renewal of the contract of Sergio Ramos would lead to problems and the club knows Ramos and the background, which is why they also know that things will end well.

A year and a half ago, with a contract in place and a release clause of 800 million euros, the center-back asked Florentino Perez to let him leave for free because he had a good offer from China.

The President refused!

That happened at the end of May 2019, but it dragged on from a fight between the two on the night that Ajax eliminated Real Madrid from the Champions League in March.

Sergio didn’t leave, and then gave a press conference full of contradictions in which he said, “I would play here for free.”

Perez had a similar issue in his first stint as Real Madrid’s President when the club desperately needed to find the heir to Fernando Hierro.

Those were the days when Perez decided to build a team of Galactico signings, surrounded by young Spanish players and academy products such as Francisco Pavon, Alvaro Mejia, or even left-back Raul Bravo, all of whom played at the vacant center-back position.

In the summer of 2004, Real Madrid decided to change their transfer policy and brought in Walter Samuel from Roma in exchange for 25 million euros, as well as Jonathan Woodgate from Newcastle for 18.3m euros to fill Hierro’s void.

Both signings proved unsuccessful and Los Blancos hit the market again to acquire the services of Ramos, who signed from Sevilla for 30m euros in 2005.

The journey of a legendary career kicked-off – he played as a right-back earlier and even during that historic campaign in South Africa ten years, he was successful in that position. But things started to change and Jose Mourinho pointed out, Ramos could be successful as a center-back.

From 2006 to 2009, Real Madrid brought in four center-backs in Fabio Cannavaro (7m euros), Gabriel Heinze (12m euros), Ezequiel Garay (10m euros), and Pepe (30m euros).  Following Perez’s return to Real Madrid, after he resigned back in 2006 because of the poor run of results, the club signed Raul Albiol (15m euros) and Ricardo Carvalho (8m euros).

Apart from Pepe, none of them could cut a satisfactory figure and then things started to shape up in Santiago Bernabeu.

Under Mourinho – the combination of Pepe and Ramos started to flourish and when Raphael Varane was signed for 10 million euros in 2011, the trident of Pepe, Ramos, and Varane gave Real Madrid a lot till now.

Ramos became the leader at the back and he was the inspiration alongside the great Cristiano Ronaldo in the last decade. After the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo; Ramos and the seniors took the responsibility of rebuilding the best club of the century.

The Los Blancos lifted the La Liga title for the thirty-fourth time in 2019-20 even though the display in Champions League remains unsatisfactory, but the way the whole unit is trying their best, it would not take time for Real Madrid to rule the roost in the Champions League.

Real Madrid is the home of Ramos and the love and respect he has received from Madrid bear enough importance in his life. It would never be easy for Ramos to leave this club and move somewhere else.

Yes, there is a rough history between the club captain and Real Madrid President, but this time around, one expects that sanity would prevail and the past would not repeat.

Ramos is a part of Real Madrid’s folklore and Real Madrid is his family.

A contract-renewal will happen – it should happen.


Thus, creating a soap opera every time it comes to renewal, threatening the club, and hypothetical million euro offers aren’t things that do his image any good.

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