After the daylight, the darkness comes, but it depends on the think tank and the individual player of a team to decide how long this darkness would prevail. It did not take the Indian team enough time to shorten the darkness Downunder just a couple of months back. They shrugged off the disgrace at Adelaide and came back home victorious.

The team showed character and above all their think tank instilled confidence and technical adjustment among the players who were shaken at Adelaide.

At the moment, Brazil and Real Madrid’s youngster Vinicius Junior is experiencing such darkness – neither is he wanted by the fans nor by the critics in the Real Madrid XI.  Rather, there are rumours that Real Madrid might sell him to Prais Saint-Germain in the upcoming summer transfer and mobilize the move for Kylian Mbappe.

Morally Vinicius is down and tactically, the Real Madrid think tank has not been able to use him properly because of the pressure of playing Eden Hazard, who, until now, has given the Royal Whites nothing. But still, because of the huge amount of money involved, Real Madrid had to use Hazard.

Guess what, Eden Hazard is injured once again. The muscle fatigue that was detected on Tuesday has turned into a much more serious problem, an injury that could keep him out for between four and six weeks.

The Hazard injury, together with the absences of Rodrygo and Lucas Vazquez, might pave the way for Vinicius to return to the side after six La Liga games as a substitute.

If the Cup games are included then it makes just one start in the last eight for Vinicius, something which has affected his confidence, and isn’t looking his usual cheery self at training.

As a matter of fact, Vinicius should have always started at first hand.

He’s the most dynamic player on Real Madrid when it comes to getting into the penalty box and creating goal-scoring chances for himself and his teammates.

The leaders in the points table – Atletico Madrid and Real Valladolid experienced what Vinicius is capable of doing when given enough playing time. Vinicius can take-on defenders, which actually helps to build his confidence as a passer and shooter in and around the penalty box.

He is an impact player which is more often overshadowed by the topic of his poor finishing. Of course, if you are playing upfront, you need to score goals in Real Madrid, and because of such a higher demand; you need to give that extra effort as well.

Vinicius is not the most prolific when it comes to using his left foot and meanwhile, his shooting abilities are needed to improve as well. He is more dependent on his right foot and tries to finish with that foot even when the angle demands the use of the left foot. Then comes the point about last-minute chickiness in front of goal, for which the Brazilians are very famous. Due to the shortness of confidence and the doubts over the future – the composure seems to be failing to build up.

It is up to Real Madrid think tank and Vinicius to have another go in the white shirt.

Perhaps, fate has given him and Real Madrid another opportunity to get the pieces together and bring the best out of the dynamic Brazilian.


Let’s do it Vinicius!

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