He left Barcelona with misty eyes and felt insulted. Then joined Atletico Madrid, where he is giving a fitting reply to the doubters by scoring goals consistently and at the moment, Atleti are well poised to win the La Liga title. Indeed, Luis Suarez is a genius when the matter is about scoring goals.


Atletico has proven to be the perfect environment for Suarez to thrive, with the Uruguayan emerging as the decisive attacking player that Diego Simeone has yearned for since 2016.

“I continue to see myself enjoying this moment that I’m living through in elite football, some didn’t believe that I could keep playing at the top level,”  Suarez told the reporters, which has been published in MARCA.

“I still have the same desire and I hope to carry this on next season as well.”

“Nobody is going to make a decision on my future or force me out of anything. I will decide.”

Simeone had hoped Diego Costa would be able to lead his team, as he did in 2013/14, but it has actually been Suarez who has filled that role.

“Cholo is the coach, he generates a lot of confidence in his players, he makes you want to give more than you thought possible,” he continued.

“When planning matches, he points out and corrects many things.”

“Even at my age he continues to correct things in my game and I accept that without any problem, he’s the coach for a reason and he is there to help us.”

“What a coach can do for you is exactly what you see on the pitch.”

“When you get a coach who believes in your abilities to contribute, you want to do so even more.”


“It’s important that my teammates simply see me as one of them, and nothing above that because I’ve never been comfortable with that.”

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