Who is the greatest striker in the history of football? Well, without a doubt it is none other than the O Fenomeno aka Ronaldo. And obviously, you would find very few people out there arguing regarding this topic. The man was lethal in front of the goal and when it was about performing on the biggest stage with the yellow shirt, Ronaldo shares the platform with Pele and Garrincha.

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He expressed his opinion about various topics in an interview which has been published in Sports Illustrated.

Here are the excerpts:

The name RONALDO

The coincidence is amazing, that so many Ronaldos are very good. It is kind of a lucky name. The doctor did it for free because my parents couldn’t pay. Finally, my father brought him three kilos of shrimp that he gathered at the beach, and then my parents gave me the name of the doctor.

Compliment from Michael Jordan

The Brazilian has received quite a few compliments from adoring fans throughout the years, but it was one from NBA superstar Michael Jordan that he was happiest with.

Both Nike athletes, the pair met at Nike’s headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

Ronaldo and Michael Jordan. Image Courtesy: Twitter
Ronaldo and Michael Jordan. Image Courtesy: Twitter

“He said to me – You are the Michael Jordan of soccer,” Ronaldo remembered.

“I thought ‘wow, that’s a big compliment.”

World Cup 2002

Back in 2002, Ronaldo played a huge part in leading Brazil to World Cup success. The No.9 scored twice past Oliver Kahn in the final – making him just one of two players to beat the German in the tournament, alongside Ireland’s Robbie Keane.

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“I love all my goals, they’re like my babies,” he said, trying to choose a favourite goal.

“I always choose the two with Brazil against Germany in the 2002 World Cup final.”

“They weren’t the most beautiful, but it was [their] importance.”

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“Two years before that, nobody believed I could play football again. I was the top scorer, and we won the World Cup. Those two goals represent my big fight for two years.”

“I love to watch back [my highlights].”

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“Some guy made a video with me doing 256 nutmegs. I can’t even remember that I did so many!”

The haircut in World Cup 2002

“It was horrible!”

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I apologize to all the mothers who saw their kids make the same haircut.”

Real Valladolid President

“I’m kind of involved in everything.”

“I want to be close to the players and see what they need, but I try not to get too close. I try to stay in my place.”

“I don’t want to be the president that says ‘I want this and that, otherwise I kick you out!’

Ronaldo was open about his desire to, one day; sell Real Valladolid for a profit. He did, though, express a commitment to the club for the next few years at least and he wants to have them competing for European qualification before he leaves.

“I’m not going to stay here forever, because I have other things for the future in my mind. But it’s too early to talk about that [leaving].”


“I want to make this club much better and bigger than when I got it. After that, let’s see. For now, it’s just keeping working and keep the club in La Liga.”


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