Kylian Mbappe is a sensation in world football since he tore Argentina apart at Kazan during the World Cup 2018. Then he went on to win the World Cup and in every match, he is proving to be the choice of next-generation – the player to carry the legacy of the past greats. But for that one needs to have the mentality of a champion and Mbappe has that.

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Despite being just 22 years old, the Paris Saint-Germain forward already has 10 domestic trophies including four Ligue 1 titles, and of course, the FIFA World Cup ranks the highest.

“Of course [I have an ego], it’s important because when you’re in the rough, no one else is going to push you,” Mbappe told RMC Sport.

“And you have to convince yourself that you are capable of toppling mountains.”

“People don’t understand ego but when you are not well there is no one who will come to your house to tell you that you can do that. It’s just you and your mindset. It’s just you. You have to convince yourself that you are capable of doing great things.”

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“Every time I go on a pitch I always tell myself that I’m the best and yet I have played on grounds where there was Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. They are better players than me; they have done a billion more things than me.”

“But, in my head, I always tell myself that I’m the best because that way you don’t give yourself limits and you try to give your best.”

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“Of course, sometimes people do not understand because I think there is perhaps also this barrier which is created in relation to this subject, where one does not really explain what the ego is.”

“For people, the ego is just not giving a friend a penalty, having a better salary than the player of the rival team. It’s not just that, it’s also in the preparation.”


“It’s a personal thing, to surpass yourself, it’s way beyond that superficial thing of saying ‘me, me’. But I think there is quite a bit to be said about.”

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