Brazil were ready for the Egyptian challenge who reached the quarterfinals from a group that included Spain, Australia, and Argentina.

The success in Copa America did not ignite the young Argentineans, who said goodbye to the event and that allowed Egypt to advance – Brazil were the opponent. They tried to test their high-profile opposition by being ragged, but it was not fruitful enough as the Selecao would meet Mexico in the semifinals.

Douglas Luiz was back in the starting XI as Andre Jardine surfaced a very strong team for the important clash.

Egypt showed its physical intent as soon as the game commenced.

Osama Galal committed a foul as Brazil won a free-kick in the defensive half that did not prove productive enough.

Egypt planned to be solid at the back and catch Brazil on the counter – the Brazilians advanced forward but in the meantime, Karim El Eraki found the space to attempt a shot. Then, Akram Tawfik’s header from the center of the box missed the right corner of the Brazilian post.

The backline of Brazil realized the importance of staying compact and they started to organize themselves as Richarlison set up Antony to take a shot from outside the box.

A shot by Richarlison was saved and he assisted Matheus Cunha to take a shot that lacked the finishing touch.

Jardine left Claudinho more centralized than in recent games and freed the full-backs to support the attack, especially Guilherme Arana.

Brazil found the goal in the 36th minute, in a counterattack initiated by the goalkeeper Santos, who also had guidance from Claudinho followed by a good pass from Richarlison and a precise finish from Matheus Cunha.

After the break, Cunha received a great pass from Douglas Luiz and almost made the second.

Guilherme Arana was launched inside the area but ended up after being stopped by the marking.

Richarlison was wanted inside the area, however, he could not submit. Paulinho took the place of Matheus Cunha and also had two opportunities, but failed to exploit them.

Egypt maintained its physicality in the second half with Ricahrlison being the prime target. The intent was to slow down the rhythm of Brazil.

Cunha felt pain in his left thigh at the beginning of the second half, tried to continue on the field, but he couldn’t and had to be replaced – Paulinho took his place.

The number 9-shirt will be evaluated by doctors to find out the seriousness of the injury and whether it will make it impossible for him to compete in the semifinals.


The game ended 1-0 as Brazil stayed behind the ball in the final stages of the game.

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